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FCD's Long Summer Journey Has Finally Come To An End

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15 games. In many seasons-past that represented half the season and three months of time, for the 2011 version of FC Dallas it represents the last 60 days. With last night's loss to Seattle, that road has finally ended as Dallas can get back to living at home with their families, dogs and 100 degree weather. 

8-4-3 - FCD's incredible record through 15 game stretch. The four losses were at Los Angeles, Seattle, Real Salt Lake and again Seattle at home. Not one loss to a team outside the top tier in MLS. An even more amazing number when you consider....

10- Number of games on the road out of the 15 in this killer stretch. Dallas played games at four of the toughest cities in the league in Seattle, LA, Philly and Salt Lake. Those four teams have combined to lose just 5 games at home the entire season. But it wasn't just in America...

4- Number of countries FCD traveled to in this 60 day span. This long stretch included trips to Canada, Mexico and El Salvador with extended stays in both El Salvador and Canada due to extenuating circumstances....

0-Number of goals FCD has allowed in games outside of the United States during this crazy run. Dallas shut out Toronto twice(MLS and CCL) and, of course, shut out Pumas and Alianza on the road. It was this defense that has kept Dallas alive in 2011...

8- Shutouts Dallas pitched in the 15 game marathon. Despite an injury to Zach Loyd and the absence of George John, Dallas made a good trade bringing in Jeremy Hall and got a couple of heroic efforts out of Kevin Hartman in goal. 

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2- Nights FC Dallas will spend on the road between now and their trip to Panama at the end of September. The only road trip FCD is taking in almost an entire month is the game in New England at the end of next week. Assuming they leave Friday morning and return Sunday, Dallas will have just two nights spent on the road between August 31 and September 28. While there are midweek Champions League games, you really don't worry too much about the toll they take on FCD when the games are in Frisco. 

4- Points needed from FC Dallas in their two upcoming CCL home games to advance from the group. Given the fact that Dallas has achieved 6 points from their first two games while Tauro and Pumas sit on just one point each, 10 points will get Dallas through to the knockout round. They can get this done with two upcoming home games against Tauro and Pumas.

7- MLS games left in the season. The goal for Dallas in MLS is to finish above Seattle and not have to travel to the Pacific Northwest for a second leg playoff game. There is some good news for Dallas because...

1- Game left against a top 7 MLS team. @Revs, vs NY, vs HOU, @Rapids, @Fire, vs VAN, that to the last 7 games FCD has played: @KC, vs SEA, @Union, @LA, vs Chivas, @NY, @TFC...The road gets easier and there's not midweek games in another country to contend with. Look for Dallas to make a major run in to the end of the season. 

It's time to get healthy, watch some football and prepare for the run towards MLS Cup.