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George John Deal To Blackburn Falls Through

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Not a lot of details have been given to me but the news of the morning should excite some of you. Defender George John is turning to FC Dallas as his deal with EPL side Blackburn Rovers falls through. 

"Despite mutual interest, Blackburn Rovers and George John have decided not to enter into a contract," FC Dallas President and CEO Doug Quinn said. "Blackburn had significant interest in acquiring George; however, for the time being, they decided not to finalize the deal. We are excited to have a player of George's caliber back at FC Dallas."

John will meet the club in Seattle for the USOC semifinal on Tuesday with the Seattle Sounders

Boy this is a bittersweet moment for FC Dallas. We all know John wanted to go to England and pursue his career there but at the same time I'm sure we're all very happy to see him come home for the stretch run here. 

This should change a lot of things. We talked about how the defense would be redone without him here but now it looks like all can return to normal. At least as normal as possible. Getting him back and going for the USOC semifinal will be huge as he was certainly missed the last time Dallas played Seattle. 

Hopefully this deal falling through won't shake his confidence or cause issues with his playing. Time will tell though.