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George John Sale to Blackburn Rovers Nearing Completion

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As Ives tweeted earlier the George John deal to Blackburn Rovers is nearly done, but not closed yet. I've spoken to John's agent, Ted Philipakos and the skinny of the situation is that George is currently headed to JFK and on to Athens to pick up his Greek passport. While John is a Greek citizen, there is some formality of picking up his passport/ID card that will make him eligible to work/play in the EU.

John hopes to have that formality done by Wednesday morning at the latest and then fly on to England to agree to personal term with the English Premier League side. Once those two things are done, the deal is official and George John will be a Blackburn Rovers player. 

While this sounds bleak for Dallas fans, the deal is not done yet and Philipakos notes that Blackburn is rumored to have other center backs in their sights. These things can break down but the fact of the matter is we should know by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning if the deal goes through. If something falls apart, George will be back in Dallas and committed to the team, Ted says. 

I'll have a full analysis of this move once it goes down as I have a lot of thoughts on it, but right now I think it's best to just wait and see how things play out. It's clear that MLS and Blackburn have agreed to the deal, but it is not done and dusted.