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FC Dallas Technical Director Barry Gorman on George John Rumors, Brek Shea and more

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Myself and Robert Casner were lucky enough to grab FC Dallas Technical Director Barry Gorman for a few minutes after practice on Friday. I saved these nuggets until after yesterday's game, but I think you'll find this to be a very informative chat. 

Can you talk about the George John situation at all?

Not really, you know as much as we do. We're coming back [from Mexico] and seeing all the Twitters and everything else. It could be nothing, it could be something that happens...We'd rather not say at the moment. 

Is it a tough situation, maybe assuming that something has happened, to say hey we need this player for the rest of our season but we don't want to get a reputation as a club that holds players back when great opportunities happen?

I think that's a general philosophical question and something that we've talked about with the league especially as we develop homegrown players. The league came in last year and met with Schellas and myself and that was one of the big questions. Are we developing players to sell on or are we developing players for FC Dallas and there's got to be a happy medium. 

Obviously when an English premier League team or if it's a Barcelona or Inter Milan you have to listen. From the players point of view, they've got dreams as well. 


When you watch George John out there do you see a player that is Premier League quality? 

I think George John has improved tremendously since he came into the league and I think our coaching staff here should take a lot of credit for that working with him. When you think George played as a midfielder in college and then came in here and you look at his track record here in his first year he was hurt a lot. Even last year when he was going well he was injured and now this year is the first that he's putting together a really solid performance[for the whole season]. 

I think if you look at a player like George he is definitely on his way up and he's maturing and handling the situation. Obviously with all the competitions that we're playing in, to keep him for the rest of the year would be tremendous because that would be improving his resume.

Assuming he was to go now, could you go out and sign someone who is out of contract right now in the international window? 

If he's out of contract, correct. Daniel [Cruz] was out of contract and that worked out well. If anything materialized with the George John situation, rest assured we're going to be contacted by 100 different agents. [Barry also mentioned that Dallas does have international center back targets identified who are out of contract]

More on John and European interest in Brek Shea after the jump

Has the success of players like Brek Shea and George John made your life a lot busier recently?

It's gotten really busy because of our team's success and this has been the situation since last year. The more successful we are, the more people want our players. And it's not just overseas it's internally within the league getting a text or a call every day. An e-mail saying do you have any interest in moving so and so and the standard answer is I'll check and as soon as Schellas sees me coming he says you know the answer to that. 

What kind of interest are you seeing in Brek Shea?

That has sort of been more general talk than anything concrete positive. I think everybody that I talk to off the record about him say they're going to wait and see.

How much does the individual contract situations come into things relating to players like Brek Shea and George John? [Shea is signed through 2015 while John is out of contract after next season]

The bigger the club, they're not going to worry about it. That gets sorted out very quickly if they want him and with Brek now in the national team, hopefully the next time with them he'll start and play as well for 90 minutes as he did for 30 minutes. I think you have to appreciate that these guys take their time and do their homework. They're not just going to jump in on it. Big clubs have had Brek Shea on their radar for awhile but now it's a case of where is that window when he's too young or too old and that'll probably happen in the next year or two, three who knows?