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George John set for Blackburn Rovers Exit?

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People from England have been tweeting at me all day about a possible George John move to Blackburn Rovers. I've had some say that he is already on his way for a medical this weekend while others insist the deal is already done. It seemed ludicrous to me given the fact that he played 90 high intensity minutes in Mexico City last night but where there's smoke there's fire. 

I was holding off on posting anything, but now that Ives Galarcep has posted this story on everything certainly seems to be legitimate.

Sources tell FOX Soccer that English club Blackburn has made a considerable offer for John, though the exact figure remains unknown. MLS and FC Dallas are considering the offer and could sell John before the close of the European transfer window.


To be honest, I'm not really sure how I feel about this yet. My gut reaction is that it would be a mistake to sell one of your defensive cornerstones in the middle of a season that looks to produce the first trophy for the team in nearly 15 years. I understand that he could be lost for nothing in 2012, but surely a deal could be worked out that keeps the big Greek defender here through the rest of this season considering it is too late to go out on the transfer market and bring someone in. 

How do you feel about this?