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Avila's Loan Deal Falls Through

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One week in Mexico and FC Dallas midfielder Eric Avila has returned to Dallas. Robert Casner is reporting that the loan deal with Atlas fell through for the 23-year old.

"I'm not aware of all the circumstances, but I don't think every ‘i' was dotted and every ‘t' was crossed, so he's back," said Hyndman after training. "And just from my point of view, a breakdown in communication."    

The two sides had been working on a loan deal that would have kept the San Diego native in Guadalajara for six months.

(read on for comments from Avila)

Avila seemed pretty disappointed on the situation too.

"There will be a statement later on," the San Diego native said. "I'm not going to comment on that right now but it should be later on today or tomorrow, but a statement will be available through the club." 

It's a rough deal for Avila to see this deal fall through. I know he was looking forward to spending time in Mexico and the club was hoping he'd get a chance to perform down there as well. Plus, the move falling apart also means any potential transfer could be off the table as wel. Most loan deals have buy-out clauses built in them and it would have meant Dallas could have gotten a small transfer fee for Avila.

With Avila coming back, you have to wonder where the club will go next. I doubt they'll loan him out to a NASL or USL-Pro team here this season. If they intend to move Avila, it will likely come via trade. 

Now that guys like Ricardo Villar stepping up and Jackson Goncalves' play improving each week it will be tough for Avila to see any proper field time too. 

Time will tell on what the club will do with Avila but either way its a tough break for the kid.