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FCD News Update 7/6

FRISCO, TX - JULY 02:  FC Dallas fans watch a fireworks show after FC Dallas beat the Columbus Crew 2-1 at Pizza Hut Park on July 2, 2011 in Frisco, Texas.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
FRISCO, TX - JULY 02: FC Dallas fans watch a fireworks show after FC Dallas beat the Columbus Crew 2-1 at Pizza Hut Park on July 2, 2011 in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
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Lots of interesting stuff floating around today, though not all of it is FC Dallas related.

Power Rankings for this week are out and FCD is at the top of many of them including and ESPN Soccernet

Brek Shea and Jackson continued their torrid goalscoring pace, with Shea scoring in his fourth consecutive league match and Jackson doing the same in all competitions. The team is even hotter, claiming 28 points in its past 14 league matches.

This is a little old but I ran across it yesterday and it's worth reading. Phil Stephens had a chat with Kenny Cooper when he was back in town. 

Naturally, Cooper Jr. could not be baited into comparing the soccer fan love in Portland to that in DFW and for FC Dallas.
"I can think back to some great crowds here (PHP) he said. "The fans treated me so well. The Inferno (fan support group) was so great to me. It was nothing but great."

Over at Steve Davis' Daily Soccer Fix, he has a piece of up Brek Shea and how well he's playing right now. 

He said playing in Europe is something every player has kicking around somewhere in the grey matter. League of choice? Shea said he watches all the big ones and but hasn’t thought about it enough to develop any preferences. For now, he said he’s happy here and focused on getting better, content to let his agent handle the rest.

Since he just bought a house not too far away, I found that pretty easy to swallow, too.


Keep reading for something that used to plague FC Dallas, an interesting quote from an FCD old boy and more

It seems like New England has basically been terrible with their international signings the past few years, but one guy I thought they hit on was Marko Perovic. He was excellent against FC Dallas last season and was, by all accounts, the Revs MVP of what do they do? Cut him this season after failing to negotiate a deal. Fellow SBN Blog The Bent Musket caught up with him and tell me if these quotes don't sound similar to something we used to see in Dallas under Steve Morrow and Colin Clarke....thank goodness we have Schellas Hyndman now. 

These quotes, coupled with a conversation he had with a fellow fan (which I will not quote as record because I never asked if I could on that one), lead me to believe that Marko was expecting a bigger contract when his option came up in mid-season and had perhaps received assurances to that from the front office. When he went out for the season due to injury, the Revolution appeared to offer him only what his option would have entailed (somewhere in the neighborhood of $180-$190k), which angered him and led to the dispute.

Juan Toja has reportedly rejected a Portland Timbers offer to return to MLS.

The 26-year old Colombian winger, was offered a deal by the Timbers according to MetroSport but will remain in Greece as he has ‘unpleasant’ memories of the North America league.


If any of you out there follow the Champions League very closely, you may remember a Romanian club called Unirea Urziceni. Not long ago in 2009, they registered the most points in a group stage by a Romanian club ever, beating Rangers 4-1 at Ibrox....well just 2 years later, the club is completely extinct. A very interesting story. 

The team that progressed from third division to the Champions League (with defender Epaminonda Nicu playing at all levels!) to record the highest number of points collected in the group stage by a Romanian team has officially retired from all competitions. 


Finally, I'm going to leave you with a very cool story about a kid named Dale Jennings. Last season, he was an 18-year old slogging away trying to carve out a career for himself at League One Tranmere Rovers, now he's moving to German Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich. Andy Hunter of The Guardian explains how the hell did it happen? 

The transfer will not be the most expensive of the summer, it will have no bearing on the destiny of the Premier League title and it will not insult the intelligence with heartfelt pleas to be closer to home or the kids. But it is still the most intriguing that English football has to offer.