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FC Dallas Reserves Drop 5-0 Result to Chicago Fire, Trialists Revealed

Andres Formento
Andres Formento

Today the FCD reserves traveled to the windy city and got comprehensively trounced 5-0. The reserves were previously 3-0-0 so this is a big of a shocking result, but it seems there were multiple trialists and academy players on the field so this is nothing to get bothered over. 

The biggest news coming out of this is the Chicago Fire twitter feed revealing the names of two previously unidentified trialists with FC Dallas. The HUGE African defender, a young, wiry player who is likely upwards of 6 foot 6 is highly likely to be named Abdoulay Faly. I can't find anything on him online so this name may not be 100% correct.

I say it's not 100% correct because the feed also identified a Dallas trialist named "Formen Andres"...through my Google ninja skills and having seen him in practice yesterday, I can identify him as Argentine forward Andres Formento currently plying his trade at SSV Jahn Regensberg of the German 3rd Division.

Regensberg finished a few spots ahead of Unterhaching, Ricardo Villar's old team and Formento had a couple of goals last season though it's not clear how many games he played. 

Jump for the dreaded youtube video

Andres Formento (via ANDRESLU5)

Andres Formento Gol Rot-Weiß Erfurt (via ANDRESLU5)