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Matchday 23: FC Dallas vs Chivas USA

Just about 24 hours after FC Dallas finally landed back at DFW, they've got an MLS league match tonight at Pizza Hut Park against Western Conference rivals Chivas USA. It's a very awkwardly timed game for Dallas at 6PM in the middle of an almost unprecedented summer heat wave. Temperatures on the field tonight at kickoff should be well over 100 degrees.

Team News

Who plays tonight? Without a practice between games, it's almost impossible to know what Schellas has up his sleeve for tonight's lineup. I highly doubt Daniel Hernandez starts, but I would expect Andrew Jacobson and Eric Alexander back in the lineup. Schellas could go almost total reserves in the midfield and throw in Avila as well. 

Chivas USA They're a team that's tough to break down having allowed just two more goals than FC Dallas this season. With a week between games, they should be well rested and hungry for a win tonight. They arrived in Frisco on Friday so they're probably fairly acquainted to the heat by now. 

Home shutout streak Dallas hasn't allowed a goal in the 4 MLS games since losing 4-1 to Kansas City. A shutout is probably the only way they get a win tonight. 

Keep reading for keys, referee and a prediction 

Keys to the game

Desire This is a tough one and it's down to the coaches. Schellas has to figure out what players are going to be up for this game. The guys that played Wednesday have to be exhausted so if it means playing a reserve lineup, I'm OK with it. No better chance than today to throw out some less-used guys and see what they've got.

Fitness Fitness levels will be obviously massive tonight. An inexplicably-scheduled 6PM game in the summer heat will have everyone reaching for the water and this game could be decided by a late mental error. 


REFEREE: Elias Bazakos.

SAR (bench): Adam Garner; JAR (opposite): Eric Boria;

4th: Armando Villarreal


Without knowing what kind of lineup Schellas will put out there today, this is a very tough one. Dallas is at home and, on paper, better than Chivas USA. However, we've discussed all the intangibles for this one and it could be a toughie. I think Dallas focuses on defense for this one and it ends 0-0 but could easily be decided by a mental miscue by either side.