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Brek Shea Stunner Gives FC Dallas 1-0 Victory over Toronto FC

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TORONTO, CANADA - JULY 20: Ty Harden #20 of Toronto FC battles for the ball with Brek Shea #20 of FC Dallas during MLS action at BMO Field July 20, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
TORONTO, CANADA - JULY 20: Ty Harden #20 of Toronto FC battles for the ball with Brek Shea #20 of FC Dallas during MLS action at BMO Field July 20, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
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After a scoreless half, Brek Shea popped up with another remarkable effort, gathering the ball at midfield and beating two defenders before pumping a shot off the post and in from 25 yards out to beat Toronto FC 1-0. 

Game thoughts

Bend But Don't Break It wasn't a pretty shutout from the defense tonight, needing a couple of lucky bounces and the linesman's flag however at the end of the day a shutout is a shutout. The Dallas defense now has four shutouts in five July games. Tonight's game exemplifies just how a solid defense can win games as all it takes is one moment of magic to earn 3 points. Speaking of...

We are Seeing Something Special I said it a couple of times tonight, the fact is that there are maybe 5 players in the league that can score the goal Brek Shea scored tonight. Dallas has one of them, he's 21 years old, signed through 2015 and is a Texan. By next year, I want everyone in the metroplex to know who Brek Shea is. 

Wasted Opportunities My blood got to nearly boiling level by the 85th minute as Dallas wasted chance after chance to put this game away and take a little breather before New York on Saturday. There's plenty of blame to spread around in this one and I'm just not sure I can handle Marvin Chavez at forward much longer. Please don't get me wrong, I love the work rate he's putting in, but he's best on the right. Until Dallas gets a forward, they're going to struggle against the best teams. Hopefully Castillo is the answer...

Keep reading for more thoughts and quotes from Schellas, Hartman and Shea

Villar finally earning his keep I liked the game Ricardo Villar played tonight. He's certainly gotten to the point where he's up to MLS speed and I feel like he's going to score a huge goal before everything is done this season. The defensive work rate is finally there as well. 

Upcoming So now it's a New York team that just got pantsed by Colorado 4-1. In a strange twist, NYRB will have to travel farther to get to their home game than Dallas will and you've got to feel like this is another shot at three points, though I think we'd all be happy with 4 points from the road swing heading into the crucial Champions League trip to El Salvador. 


Schellas Hyndman


Thoughts on tonight’s game…



I thought we played very well considering this is our fourth game in two weeks.  I think they were very well-rested and we were concerned about all their new players.  We couldn’t get a scouting report obviously.  We thought there would be four changes so we were surprised to see six. 

At the same time I thought we really played well in the first half, the first 20 minutes we did everything we wanted to do.  It was a great goal by Brek Shea, and then we created some other opportunities that we weren’t quite good enough to put away.



Thoughts on Toronto FC?



I think they were very desperate there at the end.  I think they have put a lot of work into reshaping this team with new players and my words to my players before the game was that this is like a new season for them. I thought they would come out with a lot of emotions and I think this is a proving point for them and their fans.  So, we expected a lot. 

It’s a little dangerous sometimes like this. I think it’s a double-edge sword because they are putting so much hope and energy into this and then when they don’t get it, it kinds of backfires. But in reality, it’s hard to integrate one player into your team, I can’t imagine what it’s like to try and integrate seven new players into a team.


Kevin Hartman


Thoughts on getting the team’s 11th shutout this season?



I felt like it was one of those that I certainly had to earn.  There are a lot of times in postgame interviews when I am answering ‘so did you get bored back there? You only made one save,’ and I certainly didn’t tonight. Toronto came out and applied pressure from the early minutes. Frings had a free kick in the second or third minute, which was a little difficult to deal with considering the sand and the water in the park. 

We continued to battle, and for me, I am fortunate that I have 10 other guys on the field that are really willing to step up and play both ways.  I’ve been on a lot of teams where guys are going to be offensively oriented, but I really feel like we are really in tune with the fact that if we are able to get shutouts we will a have great chance of winning.


How do you prepare for a game like this?

I think that from our perspective you have to assume that all 11 guys are going to be unbelievable and be perfect with the ball both right footed and left footed.  You go out and just assume that the worst is going to happen and if it doesn’t happen then you are prepared for it.  But, obviously we’ve seen Andy Iro play in Columbus before so we kind of know what he brings to the table and some of the other guys like (Ryan) Johnson, we saw him in San Jose. 

So I think some of the veterans kind of have a bit of an edge on the younger guys in seeing some of the other guys in the league.  Some of the new DP players that they have brought in are guys that we’ve seen in the World Cup and sometimes we’ve seen them in European leagues and you just have to be cognizant of them doing things that maybe your average run-of-the-mill MLS player can’t do and if you are cognizant of that then I think you are going to be able to react well to it and deal with it efficiently.

Brek Shea

Can you talk a little bit about your goal tonight…

I just followed the guy who was dribbling. I was able to poke it from him to Danny (Hernandez), kind of play the one-two with Danny, beat one player, kept going and just took a shot.  I happened to make a good connection; it went off the post and went in.

How important was it to get that goal tonight?

I think it was good for our team. We had two games without goals.  We had a lot of chances in the first half and I thought we should have gone in with a lead at the half, but we didn’t.  Once we got that goal, I think it helped the team a lot with motivation for the rest of the game.


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