OT - anyone wanna play some soccer?

what's up..  i was looking to meet up with some people on a regular basis to play/train.. whatever.  I know in Austin a lot of people meet up at Zilker Park and play pick-up games etc in the late afternoons (every day of the week it seems).  Can't seem to find a place like that around here. 

also, does anyone know of a place with good turf to play on?  a lot of the parks around here are in realy crappy conditions (obviously with the lack of rain).  it be nice to play on a pitch that's not holey and covered in dirt

if anyone's interested in meeting up and kicking it around in the late afternoons or whatever, let me know. 

---Also, a reminder--- 

The North Fort Worth Adult Soccer Association is having sign-ups this weekend at the Academy Sports + Outdoors store at Tarrant Pkwy and Denton Hwy 377 in Keller.  Saturday, July 23rd I believe.

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