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Costa Rican Defender Derrick Johnson Headed to FC Dallas?

Anthony Harris/La Nacion
Anthony Harris/La Nacion

Hat tip to Texas Futgol for tipping me off to this one, there are reports all over Costa Rica today that 21 year old defender Derrick Johnson is headed to FC Dallas. 

Johnson, a member of the Costa Rican 2009 U20 World Cup team that went all the way to the semifinals, looks to be fairly rated and was linked with Benfica in 2009 after the tournament. 

Derrick is currently a member of Limon FC, a recently promoted Costa Rican 1st division club and seems to have started most games for them. He was also a member of the pre-Gold Cup squad for Costa Rica and one of the last ones cut. 

There are multiple reports from Costa Rica saying he has signed with FCD and this report from Monumental radio in Costa Rica has audio of him saying he is headed to FC Dallas. 

While we can't say for sure whether this is legit, it does seem to fit that Dallas would look to go after a highly rated, young defender from central America. 

We'll have more news on this as it becomes available...none of the dreaded Youtube highlights are available for this player.