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FCD News Update 7/11

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Happy Slurpee Day...go grab a free one today. It's the calm before the storm in Frisco as Real Salt Lake heads here tomorrow evening for their Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Quarterfinal clash. If you haven't seen, I've been doing trivia on our Facebook and Twitter pages today and tomorrow giving away 10 pairs of tickets for the game tomorrow. 4 pairs have been given away, but stay tuned to the social media sites to win your seats for tomorrow night's matchup!

FCD didn't get the result they wanted on Saturday and a lot of the blame rested on Kevin Hartman. If there's one player that I don't worry about something like this affecting his play going forward, it's Kevin Hartman. He'll be fine.

It just seemed like the ball moved late,” Hartman, the winningest goalkeeper in MLS history, said. “They obviously had guys in the box kind of anticipating me losing it, and I just thought about that too much, and it maybe knuckled and got behind me.” writes that for RSL, the attention shifts quickly to US Open Cup

It's the Open Cup, it's a different game. We've played each other enough times now over the past six months to a year to know what the other team's about. It's the same group of players so I don't think it changes anything - both teams want to get to the (U.S. Open Cup) semi-final. If Dallas would have beat us (Saturday), we would still want to win on Tuesday," said Johnson.


The Deseret News writes that they took a big step on Saturday beating FCD (sidenote, it's amazing how much more in-depth the RSL coverage is than what we see in Dallas)

As Will Johnson said, the plan was to "keep the zero and we'll find a way to get a goal."

It took a Kevin Hartman gaffe to finally get that goal, but they all count the same.


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Today is a huge day for the U18 Academy as right about now they take on CASL Chelsea in a game that should decide who plays in the championship game of the U18 Development Academy Finals Week. Boyd "OC" Okwuono checks in with a blog from Milwaukee

We are resting this morning getting ready for training this afternoon. We are focused on getting prepared for our game against CASL from North Carolina on Monday. I’m looking forward to that game. Many of their players are going to the University of North Carolina with me next year. It will be a tough match, but if we play as well as we did in our first game I am confident that we will win.


Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen the amazing comeback for our USA ladies against Brazil yesterday. Check out the front page of the Miami Herald yesterday, it's pretty awesome. 

Check out this story, a kid from the Faroe Islands noticed a mistake FIFA made that changes the seeding for the Upcoming World Cup Qualifying Draw. 

Gary Speed’s side are level with the Faroe Islands in the rankings, which are used to determine seedings for the World Cup draw, but an eagle-eyed Faroese student Jakup Emil Hansen has worked out that his homeland actually has 0.07 points more than the Welsh after their recent shock 2-0 win over Estonia.