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Cowboys Stadium Doubleheader Kicks off 2011 Gold Cup - Mexico vs El Salvador & Cuba vs Costa Rica

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Chicarito and Mexico trained at PHP this week
Chicarito and Mexico trained at PHP this week

While last night's crowd may have been very loud and active(especially in the second half), an atmosphere that has rarely been seen in the DFW area for soccer will take place tonight as Mexico and El Salvador face off in the Gold Cup curtain raiser at Cowboys Stadium.

I know plenty of folks who went to the Mexico vs Haiti Gold Cup game there a couple of years ago, but today will be a completely different beast as likely about 60,000 Mexicans and 20,000+ El Salvadorians pack Cowboys Stadium in a firestarter of a game. If it nails home how big of a game this is for ES, there were people we met at the FCD game last night who traveled from San Jose, CA for tonight's game. 

I'll be at Cowboys Stadium for the match between Costa Rica and Cuba as well as parts of the Mexico vs El Salvador game so come over here at 5PM to catch the commentary. 

If you can't make it out to the stadium, the Copa Oro doubleheader will be on Univision HD channel 393 on Time Warner Cable.