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FC Dallas vs Portland Timbers Game Grades

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George John goal
Pablo Serna/Anres Photography
George John goal Pablo Serna/Anres Photography

It was a fantastic all-around performance for FCD as they destroyed Portland yesterday so these game grades will be pretty much sunshine and lollipops. Before I give the ratings let me encourage you to check out the new chalkboard on the MLS website. It basically shows all the passing, heat maps and more that confirms some of the ratings.

Kevin Hartman 6.5 - Not a whole lot to do for Hartman tonight. Had a couple of shaky moments in the first half, but can't argue with a clean sheet. Kevin secured his league leading 8th shutout of the season and 101st in MLS history. 

Jair Benitez 7 - Very quiet night from the left back, but his passing was excellent. Benitez turned the ball over just four times in the match.

Ugo Ihemelu 6.5 - Misplaced a few passes in the first half and conceeded a corner that probably didn't need to happen but other than that a solid night from the center back.

George John 8 - You wonder just how many more great performances it's going to take from John before he gets called up. Right now he's simply the best center back in MLS, yeah I said it. John is playing at an extremely high level and showing a nose for goal on set pieces. FCD needs to lock this guy up long term. 

Keep reading for the man of the match and more grades

Zach Loyd 7.5 - Great performance for the Oklahoma kid, scoring his first goal and shutting down the right side. It's amazing how Castillo leaving allows for Loyd and Jackson to play together on the right, potentially making the team better without one of their best players.

Daniel Hernandez 7.5 - Who knew that the key to raising Hernandez's set piece play was to move him to the corner flag? Wonderful delivery all day on the corners, earning the captain two assists. Also, he was all over the field, just check out his heat map. One thing I would like to see with Hernandez is possibly subbing him out in a game like yesterday as his health is simply essential to Dallas making waves in the playoffs.

Andrew Jacobson 6.5 - Not the best game for Jacobson who just struggled a bit to find his feet yesterday. He turned the ball over a bit too much and never really got involved in the attack, but on a day like yesterday it didn't really matter. 

Eric Alexander 7.5 - I really liked the game Alexander played last night. Whether by design or personal impetus, Alexander got forward more last night than he has all season and played a huge part in the 3rd goal. I've said it ten times, Dallas becomes almost unbeatable when Alexander is going forward with confidence in games. That confidence is such a huge part of his game and if he starts making those forward runs again, look out. 

Jackson 9.5- What an incredible game from the Brazilian! He was absolutely all over the field for Dallas last night playing as a man possessed. Jackson could have easily had a hat trick last night and I hope the goal is given to him as he certainly deserved one. If Jackson can keep this up, it's going to majorly open things up for Chavez and Shea. Without a doubt, the man of the match.

Brek Shea 8 - Yawn, another game another goal and dominating performance on the left side of the pitch. That Kalif Alhassan guy is going to be seeing a big blonde guy in his nightmares for the next week. Thank goodness Dallas locked this guy up long term. It seems criminal that Bob Bradley left him off the Gold Cup roster right now.

Marvin Chavez 7 - Things didn't quite come off for Chavez tonight, but his work rate made this a nice performance. He just never stops running and pestering the back line. Those kinds of things may not show up in the stat sheet, but they really open things up for Shea, Jackson and the trailers from midfield. 


Bobby Warshaw 6 - Quiet performance, but good minutes to get ready for Open Cup this week.

Eric Avila 6 - See above...Avila nearly had a goal late and will be a huge part of things in Open Cup

Ruben Luna 6.5 - May have snagged a goal, we'll see if he keeps it