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FCD News Update 6/23

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If you can't tell, I'm working on making this a daily or nearly daily occurrence so that you, the loyal reader, can head here every day to find your FCD and Dallas soccer related news.

The top story today is something very important going on at PHP this weekend. There's a 7 year old soccer fan named Jonah Gomez and he needs a bone marrow transplant. This weekend DKMS will be holding a Donor Drive all over MLS and they will be at the north concourse of PHP Saturday night. It takes five minutes to get your cheek swabbed and you could save a life. Last year, through a drive for RSL midfielder Andy Williams' wife I was identified as a match for someone and went as far as giving blood samples before they found a better match so this is something I feel strongly about. Go to the game and get your cheek swabbed! 


Dallas will be missing a key player for the next couple of months as Fabian Castillo has joined up with the Colombian U20 National Team ahead of the U20 World Cup. While we were all expecting Castillo to go, it's really a bummer that it happened this early. Two months without Fabian is going to be really tough on Dallas. 

We were just contacted a few days ago that they wanted him to come in for training," FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman said Wednesday afternoon. "Hopefully after — probably a three- or four week period — hopefully after that he will be brought on for the U-20 World Cup."

Keep reading for lots more including Kenny Cooper, top 10 FCD games and a goalie scoring


Speaking of this weekend, Portland Timbers center back Futty Danso, one of the top players in MLS through the first 10 weeks of the season, could return this weekend against Dallas. Let's hope he doesnt....

Danso will undergo more rehabilitation on Wednesday and expects to be re-evaluated on Thursday. He hopes to make the trip to Dallas and is anticipating his return to the lineup — whether it comes this week or next.

"I feel like I’m getting there," Danso said. "God forbid anything [aggravates the injury] on Thursday."

There's a familiar face coming back to Dallas this weekend, Kenny Cooper, and he's been happy to see the Mavs win the NBA title.


"My brother is studying abroad and when the games were on we would connect with him on Skype and then turn the camera toward the TV so he could watch," Cooper said.

The Timbers forward said he was happy for his hometown.

"It was a lot of fun watching them [win]," Cooper said. "The city loves its basketball team."


FC Dallas is in the hunt for a forward and defender in this transfer window and one tweet suggests they may be looking towards Panama. I can't really see the coaches dropping a name of someone they're seriously going to take a look at, but there's no doubt a huge emphasis has been placed on Central America. is counting down the top 10 wins in franchise history and here's numbers 4-2. A couple of my favorites not on that list would be the 3-2 come from behind win in Chicago where Bobby Rhine and Kenny Cooper scored in the second half. Also, I know this one isn't MLS but the US Open Cup victory against Chicago at PHP which turned out to be the first win at the new stadium. 

Speaking of Open Cup, there's a cool article on right now looking at how clubs, players and managers have faired in the Open Cup all time. FCD is the fourth best Open Cup team all time while a former FCD player that might surprise you is high on the all-time scoring charts.

Finally, one of the most frustrating things about youth soccer is the inconsistency and we saw that yesterday in Mexico where the United States fell 2-1 to Uzbekistan...yes, Uzbekistan. FCD youth product Kellyn Acosta started and played 90 minutes while Solar forward Alfred Koroma scored the lone USA goal.

And we leave you with video from Canada's 2-2 draw with England in the U17 World Cup...the last goal, in the 87th minute, is pretty crazy. 

Canada vs England 1-2 | U-17 World Cup 2011 (Highlights) (via naomeocorrenada)