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USA vs Mexico Gold Cup Final to Conflict with FC Dallas game

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Yesterday I was lucky enough, thanks to the good people at Chevy Texas, to hitch a ride with some friends down to Houston for the Gold Cup semifinals. It was a really great time and an electric atmosphere(though not quite up to par with El Salvador vs Mexico in Cowboys Stadium). 

Obviously, the USA and Mexico were able to slip by their opponents to set up the dream final that CONCACAF wanted with the USA facing bitter rivals Mexico in the Gold Cup Final with a berth in the 2013 Confederations Cup on the line. 

I'm sure this is about the 100th place you would go for USA news so I won't analyze that, but this game coming up has a lot of significance to FC Dallas as it's set to kickoff at 8PM. As I'm sure you all know, Kenny Cooper and Portland will be facing off against FCD at 7:30 Saturday night. 

Hopefully the game kicks off a little late and we can all just rush from the game to the stadium club or various bars around the area to catch most of the second half. 

Head over to our facebook page and vote in the poll on whether you will stay home to watch the USA game or go club over country at Pizza Hut Park on Saturday night.