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Was Graham Zusi's goal the best ever at Pizza Hut Park?

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After watching Graham Zusi's stunning strike again, it got me to thinking was that the best goal scored at Pizza Hut Park? Our stadium has been open for nearly 6 years now and we've had some amazing strikes from players like Kenny Cooper, Carlos Ruiz and even a guy like Abe Thompson. Hell, the best goal ever scored at the park may have been scored in the first ever game at PHP!

Take a look at some of the best goals scored at Pizza Hut Park and vote in the poll

First we'll look back at Zusi's strike...just an amazing rip. The craziest thing to me is how little the ball rotates, as pure as you can hit the thing.

Next, a similar goal but one from farther back and in the run of play. Opening day 2009, Kenny Cooper lobs the Chicago Fire. An amazing goal but this one also had a bit of goalie error.

Next, my personal favorite, Carlos Ruiz opened Pizza Hut Park on August 6, 2005 against the Metrostars scoring twice in the 2-2 draw. His second goal, a beautiful backheel, is certainly up there in the discussion.

This 2006 top 10 goals compilation has a great goal from Aaron Pitchkolan that won the game on the last kick against Kansas City, a fantastic strike from Carlos Ruiz, a signature lob from Cooper and a counter attack beauty.(turn down your speakers)

2007 saw some great goals from Ramon Nunez, Juan Toja and....Chris Gbandi?

And finally a personal favorite of mine, Arturo Alvarez goal against Chivas in Superliga...probably my favorite game at Pizza Hut Park.

So what do you think? Vote in the poll and let me know!