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Sporting Kansas City 4 FC Dallas 1

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Wow, sometimes a scoreline comes along that makes you scratch your head and this is definitely one of them. Sporting Kansas City snapped a ten game streak without a win while Dallas was beaten for the first time since David Ferreira went down. 

Some quick and ugly facts about this 4-1 defeat:

-First time Dallas has allowed four goals in a game since July 24, 2009 at Real Salt Lake

-First time Dallas has allowed at least four goals at home since May 18, 2008 vs Los Angeles(the game that got Steve Morrow fired)

-The four goals allowed last night equal the amount of goals Dallas has given up in their eight other home games this season.

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By all accounts, this was just a horrible game and one that should just be deleted from memory. Games like this happen to every team, at least this was in arguably the most low profile game of the season with everything going on last night in the city. I wouldn't want to be Chivas USA next weekend. I'll have a more in-depth look at things once I get a chance to replay this disaster later tonight.


FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

I was very disappointed in the performance. Give credit to Kansas City. They’re a team that’s desperate. They haven’t been able to get a lot of good results this year. They came in here with missing players and they came in here and really frustrated us. They were in a 4-5-1 system and we couldn’t break it down. I’m disappointed that we didn’t create a lot of scoring chances. We were always back on our heels with their counters. There were a lot of misconnections in our passing. They wanted the game more than us and I can’t say that has occurred very often here. For us, this is an opportunity to re-group and find out a little bit more about ourselves. In sports sometimes you have players who are off. I thought we had too many players who were off. We didn’t have enough people that looked like they were playing in the culture we have developed, the winning culture and the culture of fighting for the ball. As frustrating as that was for the coaches, I know the players were very frustrated as well.

On the third goal (free kick from distance) kind of sucking the wind out of the team…
It didn’t help us. I think even the second goal came so quick in the second half. As a team, we can’t have these types of performances. We’re a much better team than what we showed today. It’s an embarrassing moment for the coaches and the players.

On halftime substitutions…
One of the things we were struggling with was holding the ball up front. There was a lot of dribbling and a lot of individual players playing on an island and we didn’t get much done. The idea was having Milton [Rodriguez] who’s a little bit stronger in the box, can hold the ball a little bit better and then also getting Jackson on so we could attack from that right side.

Did the team look tired…

They looked very tired. They looked tired before the game started. It was just one of those days. You really can’t put anything on it. If they all went to the same restaurant, you could say it was the food. But, I think something was just missing and we really have to realize that we’re a much, much better team when we play together and we fight for every ball. That’s what’s given us the success up until now. Today, they just didn’t. They didn’t bring it.

FC Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman

It was a pretty poor representation of who we are as a group. It's unfortunate that we had to do it against a very motivated Kansas City team. It's one of those games you have to move on quickly from. Take your lessons from [it] and get on to the next game. I didn't think any of us really had a good enough game to make up for the amount of guys who were off [their games]. We knew going into the game that Kansas City was a better team than their record showed.


On long goal from Zusi…

I tried to keep our guys high so that it would maybe force them to play short. He hit it and the wind was going that direction so it picked up speed. I had started six or seven yards out and it got over me at some point. It was well struck.


On upcoming games…

Unfortunately we're less than a week from playing Chivas in L.A., which is another tough task, but at least we are going to be back out on the field.


FC Dallas midfielder Andrew Jacobson

In this league, it doesn't matter where one team is [in the standings]; everyone can compete, every game is pretty close. [Sporting Kansas City] wanted it more. They showed they wanted it more than us and they got the result for it.


On SKC formation change…

I don't think [the formation change] was why we lost. They just executed better than us, and deserve the three points.


On what he takes from the loss…

It's a good time to get a reminder of how much work you put into winning a game. Every game that we've won up to this point, we put a ton of effort into it and no game did we just cruise through it to win. This game shows how small a line it is between winning and losing.


FC Dallas forward Marvin Chavez
We just weren't good enough today. More than anything else, that was the problem today, not that it was too physical for me or us. We have to keep our heads up. Maybe as a group, as coach said, there was a little bit of fatigue. We're coming off of a long run of games that took a lot out of us in which there were positive results, but credit to Kansas City because they came in and were a tough team to play against and we were not.


Sporting KC head coach Peter Vermes
This was a tough one for us. We expended a lot of nervous energy Thursday night and to come back down here in such a short turn around knowing full well the game was played at six o’clock and knowing the heat was going to be factor. Omar is out from the tackle, we have another player that came back from Grenada, Craig Rocastle, so we’ve lost some players and we have guys that are on national team duty as well for Guadalupe, Honduras and Jamaica, so it is definitely a testing period for us, but I give a lot of credit to the guys for their commitment physically.

How excited you are to win here in Dallas…
We are undefeated since our New England game, which is like five games now, and we have been right there. There is not a lot that has gone our way this season, but credit to the guys because they have been committed. They have not got off the beaten path. They’ve stayed focused and committed on what we are trying to do and believe in each other and that’s a great thing.

Sporting KC midfielder Graham Zusi
Thoughts on first goal…
The first one was a classic counter attack, working the ball from left to right.  C.J. made a good run across the top of the box, which opened up space for me, took a couple touches, got inside and found the far post.

On the heat…
We were very disciplined.  It was extremely hot today and we came in with a game plan and stuck to it throughout the whole game.

On quick turnaround from opening of new park on Thursday to tonight’s game…
That’s though especially when you’re on the road as well, after a midweek game.  To be honest, we were disappointed we didn’t get the win on Thursday, so for us to come here on the road and get a win was huge for us.

Sporting KC defender Luke Sassano
On first career goal…
I’m very happy.  My first job is to help the team defensively, when I can help them score a goal that is even better.  I hope I score a lot more and I’m very happy.

On  weather…
It was crazy. I have never played in these conditions before.  I was so tired and it was very, very hard.

Will this victory turnaround the season…
Of course, but it’s not this game, we’ve been good and concentrated the last four games, but I believe we are on our way to beating stronger teams.