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Thinking Happy Thoughts

It's been a good couple of days for the metroplex. As the rain poured down, Dallas pulled a Texas two-step on Los Angeles, following up the FC Dallas win with that massive defeat of the Lakers late last night in LA. Here's a few FC Dallas related thoughts on my mind that might make you happy on this Tuesday morning.

Best start in five years The ten points FC Dallas has through seven games is tied for their best start to a season since 2006. Now that's probably more of an indictment of how slow this team traditionally starts, but given FCD will need every point they can get as they cope without Ferreira, the last month has been fantastic for FC Dallas.

Brek Shea move pays immediate dividends Since moving the Blonde Bomber to left mid in the second half of the Portland Timbers game, FC Dallas has six goals for, two against and is unbeaten when he starts at left mid. Obviously not all the credit can go to this move as the defense gets healthy, but it bodes well for the rest of the season that Dallas looks so good with Shea in the attack. 

More points on the horizon? The next three games, at DC and against Toronto/Philly at home are all winnable games. Of course Philadelphia is looking strong this year, but away from home they've been a different team. The next 10 days could see Dallas shoot up in the standings. They'll need to with a tough stretch after that.