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FC Dallas Goal of the Month: May 2011

So this is a new feature that we'll be rolling out every month here on the blog. Obviously there's still one game left in the month, but I'm going off the grid on my honeymoon this afternoon so I figured I'd get this little parting gift posted. Watch the video and cast your vote for goal of the month.

After the Houston game, Drew will post a poll for our Big D Soccer Player of the Month. Winners of both will be immortalized in a new box on the side of the screen...a huge honor that every player will strive to be a part of I'm sure.

Who did I vote for? Well you'll have to jump for that one.

I cast my vote, as I'm sure many of you will, for Brek Shea's goal against Los Angeles. Whether he meant it or not, that could well turn out to be the most important goal this season as Schellas can always point back to that game and say "You beat Los Angeles without Ferreira, you can beat anyone in the league."

Who did you vote for?