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FCD vs Sounders Observations and Quotes


Just a few thoughts from the game, then the quote sheet provided by the FC Dallas PR staff. 


Defensive Unit Schellas always seems to talk about the defensive unit rather than one player. It's really six guys, the goalie, back four and defensive midfielder. Well they're all playing about as well as they can possibly play at this point. I don't care who you're playing, a road shutout is something that is very impressive and Dallas has two in a row. It just seems like everyone is so on the same page right now, for instance I don't see any way John and Ugo get split by the same pass that sprung Shea for the goal yesterday night. 

Historic month As I mentioned on Twitter, May 2011 will go down as the best calendar month in FC Dallas history(Post-shootout). The 14 points Dallas has amassed in May sets a new record, and they still have a game left. If they could find a way to win in Houston, it will be interesting to see how many 15+ point months there have been in MLS history. 

Offense needs help It's going to be very interesting to see how this offense plays once Castillo leaves for the U20 World cup. Brek Shea is an absolute monster and Marvin Chavez puts in some really hard work, but there's just not a whole lot more there. I'm not complaining as Dallas is a team that's not going to beat itself and need 3 goals to win, but a smart forward signing in mid-season can push this team over the top. 

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100 With one more shutout, Kevin Hartman will become the first goalie in MLS history to record 100 shutouts. That's an amazing milestone and one that should be recognized with some sort of trophy and pre-game ceremony. You wonder how Hartman only has 6 caps for the national team. 

Quote Sheet

Thanks to FCD/Sounders PR for providing this


Schellas Hyndman - FC Dallas Head Coach

General Comments...

“It's Kevin [Hartman's] birthday today and we were talking about getting that shutout and to do it in a difficult environment like this with as much pressure on us. I thought it was a very good team performance."


On the defense...
“The whole game, especially the last 20 minutes, was really hard. I think they threw everything at us. When [Nate] Jaqua came in it brought another problem because not only was he able to hold the ball, but he was able to flick the ball on and he was able to connect at the end of it. We had it pretty well in our favor but what we had to do was keep knocking it out. When he came it, it added a different dimension. They are a good team that was very inspired to play at home and win in front of their fans. We don't get this done today if it isn't a complete team effort."


On Brek Shea...

“He continues to develop. He just turned 21 and we just signed him to a four year contract so he's a player that we have a lot of faith in. He's going to continue to develop. He broke through and beat [Kasey] Keller when he was coming out. It changed the whole game at that point in time."


Kevin Hartman - FC Dallas Goalkeeper

General Comments...

“It was one of those games where we really have to concentrate. We had to work hard for a long period of time because Seattle was throwing a lot of numbers at us and some quality at us. I thought we weathered the first half pretty easily and they kept throwing bodies at us in the second half. Fortunately we were able to block some shots, save some shots and prevent shots. At the end of the day, we were pretty content to get the three points and get out of here."


Brek Shea - FC Dallas Defender/Midfielder

On Dallas defense...
"As a team, we got a goal early. It was a pretty crazy game. Every time we come to Seattle, the fans, the turf, the water. We had to defend a lot tonight."


On goal...
"I was able to make a run, saw an opening, and split the defense. AJ (Andrew Jacobson) happened to find me and I saw Keller coming out and I tried to put it past him."


Sigi Schmid - Seattle Sounders FC Head Coach

General comments...

“So basically the soccer was better, but everyone is more disappointed with the result. Sometimes with bad soccer, you get a result, and better soccer, you don't get a result. The mistake on the goal, where we opened up... I thought we had chances and we certainly went forward. I was very pleased with the effort of [Mike] Fucito, thought he played very well. I thought [Lamar] Neagle came in and did well, I thought [Nate] Jaqua came in in this one and had an impact. "


On whether he's disappointed with the outing...
“No, we're really happy about it. I mean, we're over-thrilled about it. Of course we're disappointed. We're not happy about the fact that we only got four points at home in three games."


Mike Fucito - Sounders FC Forward


On his scoring chances tonight...
"He (FC Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman) made some pretty good saves. It'd be nice if one of these times the ball bounced to my left foot. We got close. I thought we were going to get one."


Fredy Montero - Sounders FC Forward

On the scoring opportunities tonight...
“Everybody saw that the game was progressing, we were playing well and opportunities were being created but every time that a team cannot score and cannot convert, they put themselves in danger. The opponent had one chance that they converted on and that's what happened."