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Tuesday FC Dallas News and Thoughts

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Back on the grid for a couple of days...Got to catch about 20 minutes of the second half of the game on Sunday night at my wedding. 

I didn't get to watch any more than that and don't think it's particularly important that I catch the Tivo at this point, but I have a few thoughts on things. 

FCD in RSL's heads? It's well documented that this was RSL's first ever point in Frisco, but I didn't realize it was this big of a burden on Jason Kreis. 

Asked after the game if there was anything special about finally extracting a road point from his former team — his old jersey hangs in a frame near an elevator in the press box — he could not agree fast enough.

“There is,” he said, “because every time we come here, I feel like I'm living a nightmare. I'm in the locker room here, and I'm mad, and I spend all night trying to figure out, why can't we play well in Dallas? At least, now we have the result. I think we need to be honest and say it wasn't a great performance, but it is a positive result.” a nightmare? I'm not saying FCD has RSL's number by any means, but it was amazing to see this quote. I mean prior to last season, FCD had never won in Houston but I don't think anyone was "living a nightmare." Very interesting stuff...

Another streak 

Last year it was the 19 game unbeaten run and this year FCD will break another team record if they can make it through the first 20 minutes in Seattle scoreless. 

“I think we are feeling really comfortable with each other,” Ihemelu said. “I think now we are on the same page and working well with each other and that leads to success. I think we trust each other.”

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, the way this team has responded to losing their best player is amazing. Admit it, we all had our doubts about how FCD would do without Ferreira, but this is an incredibly mentally strong team and they've shown it in the last month. I talked at the end of April about the busy may schedule and said that 10 points would be acceptable. Dallas is at 11 points with two games to spare. 


I can't remember one MLS game(there have been USOC) being stopped by weather in the time I've been supporting this team and it's happened twice in a month. Wild stuff and there's still a whole summer to go. It's a shame too because I would imagine Dallas was pushing hard for a big crowd on Sunday and the weather had to play a big factor in limiting the walk up crowd. At least it produced some pretty awesome quotes...

“We’ve probably had more rain delays and lightning delays than I’ve ever had in my entire career the last three weeks,” said Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman, a 15-year MLS veteran who made two saves for his fourth straight shutout. 

“We’ve been through it before, and I knew the league was going to ask us to finish the game once the weather breaks, so I stayed away and basically spent about an hour and 15 minutes cleaning my office,” Hyndman said.  “I don’t usually have time to do it and I wanted to keep busy.”

Much more later...there is a game tomorrow after all.