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FC Dallas: A Love Story

MLS Cup 2010
MLS Cup 2010

There's not many women out there who understand our obsession with soccer.

Going to Toronto and spending hundreds of dollars on 5 days notice because you just HAVE to be there...Crossing nearly every Saturday night off the calendar for 9 months out of the year because missing a game is out of the question...Leaving me alone for those two hours of the game...Completely understanding why my scarf collection is bigger than hers....There's probably not many out there whose significant other's wardrobe includes a Brad Davis game worn Metrostars jersey(which I'm going to start wearing around PHP just for the shock value). 

Thank God I've found one. 

My first memory of meeting Amy was on a bus leaving the Cotton Bowl in 2004. FC Dallas Dallas Burn had just tied Houston Dynamo San Jose Earthquakes 2-2 in the final game of the season which Dallas needed to win in order to make the playoffs. Oscar Pareja scored late to set up a wild ending, but it wasn't enough. Since the game was in October, the State Fair of Texas(FCD should play every year at the Cotton Bowl during the State Fair, no exceptions) was going on so the DART shuttle was the best way for a kid to get to the stadium. As is normally the custom, I remember more about the game than I do about meeting Amy, but I definitely talked to her and Gina that night. 

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The next time I remember meeting Amy was in the winter of 2004/2005. I can't remember exactly when it was, but I had met up with some people to play soccer and she was there. I tore some cartilage in her knee with a sweet move I put on her(seriously). Then a couple of months later I dislocated my shoulder and used that as an excuse to tell her I couldn't come back from college to take her to prom(seriously). 

Luckily for me, she somehow didn't give up on me and we started dating in August of 2005. Since then we've been through 24 hour tailgates, The Posse, shootout loss after shootout loss, Kenny Cooper and Bobby Rhine winning the Brimstone Cup in Chicago(I almost broke up with her that day), trips to Kansas City, Denver, Austin, Houston, Charleston, Toronto and a semester in England. I could go on for an hour...Our life doesn't revolve around soccer, but she's cool enough that she lets it get pretty close(with a little bit of gymnastics included for her). 

Amy has been my partner in crime for over five years now and on Sunday I'm putting a ring on it. She's even such an OG that the FCD vs RSL game will be on a TV at our wedding reception(in a back corner). I love her more than anything in the world, even soccer(though during arguments she insists that isn't the case). 

A lot of the people who read this blog have had a big part in our young lives and I thank every one of you though we didn't have the budget to invite all of you to the wedding(poor you, having to go to that pesky FC Dallas vs RSL game). 

I'll be around a little bit early next week before going off the grid on our honeymoon cruise, but Drew will be around to graciously hold things down. I would imagine he will do such a great job that no one will even miss me. 

I'd also greatly appreciate if you the loyal reader stepped up your game in analyzing the team and upcoming games...the comments section of this has really gotten going lately and I expect more of the same! I've got some great ideas in June that I'm going to be rolling out here, but until then it's up to you! 

God bless and make sure to look for us around PHP at the New England game!