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FC Dallas Strike Lucky Defeating Los Angeles Galaxy 2-1

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Now that was a wild one...I've been supporting this team for eight seasons now and I can't remember a win like this one. Yes, I went home after about 40 mintues of the stoppage and made it home in time to see Brek Shea's shot/cross winner.

Think about that for a second...nearly freezing windchills in May...driving monsoon...Castillo's first goal...over an hour delay...An insane winner. Weird stuff happens when Dallas and LA get together.

The first half was a closely matched encounter as the Dallas midfield looked to disrupt anything down the middle of the park while the offense had trouble getting on the same page. The second half brought a brilliant goal from Fabian Castillo, the product of some nice work by Andrew Jacobson using his size to earn the Colombian his chance. 

The Galaxy would peg Dallas back just a couple of minutes later as Dallas failed to clear a Juninho cross that found Landon Donovan on the backpost who snuck the ball into the net. From there the rain storm hit and the game opened up, but neither team was able to find a winner as the lightning crashed down forcing an almost hour stoppage in play in the 82nd minute.

After the restart, a Brek Shea cross/shot eluded Donovan Ricketts in the Galaxy goal and won the game for FC Dallas in bizzare and stunning fashion.

Some instant thoughts, quotes and highlights after the jump

Finally the luck turns around Make no mistake, this was a lucky win. Over the course of the game, from my sometimes obstructed view the Galaxy looked to be the better team, but all the luck fell Dallas way in the end securing three points.

Huge, huge win No matter how you spin it, the fact remains that FC Dallas beat the best team in the league(at least points wise) without David Ferreira. This is the kind of win that Schellas can point to and say "you beat these guys, you can beat anyone"

Jacobson and Hernandez keys to the win I'll have to re-watch the game to confirm this, but I thought the midfield of Jacobson and Hernandez really did a great job clogging the middle and cutting out a lot of the through balls in the first half. Everything got kind of sloppy(literally) in the second half, but AJ had the assist on the goal as well.


Just a few quotes so far from Kyle McCarthys(Filling in for Robert Casner) game story on the FCD Website

“It was big,” FCD midfielder Daniel Hernandez told after the match. “It was one of those games where we just had to dig deep. It was the first game without our MVP. Guys had to step up. We didn't know what kind of performance we'd be able to give, but the most important thing was that we had to figure out a way to win.”

“I think we dealt with a few adversities today,” FCD coach Schellas Hyndman said. “The first one, obviously, is playing without David Ferreira. The second one was dealing with the weather conditions. The third was the delay of the game. Our players responded quite well to all of those.”

“It's huge,” Hyndman said. “We're playing a very good team. They're leading the league, they're a well coached team and a very talented group of players. For us to go in with the adversities that I mentioned earlier and come away with three points, I think it's huge. It will continue to build the confidence of our players. It feels really good.”





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