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Monday Morning Musing: Is 4-3-3 in FCD's future?

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Right now it's tough to find a manager in MLS whose mad scientist tinkerings work better than Schellas Hyndman. He's lost his best player and league MVP then subsequently turned his team into the hottest one in MLS. A big part of this is the change in style is the insertion of Eric Alexander into the midfield while moving Marvin Chavez and Brek Shea up the field.

This has got me to thinking, is FC Dallas moving to a more 4-3-3 style formation? It isn't difficult to see that Eric Alexander is always going to be tucking into the center of the midfield when he plays out wide and Marvin Chavez drifts out to the right wing constantly. 

Drew and I argued a few weeks ago on what formation FCD should use in Ferreira's absence, but could we both have been wrong? Is this new formation Schellas Hyndman has introduced going to morph into a 4-3-3? Schellas had nothing but positive things to say about Aron Winter and his 4-3-3 he has Toronto playing.

Just some food for thought on a Monday morning...