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FC Dallas Signs Brek Shea To New Contract Through 2015

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When FC Dallas called a "Player Announcement" yesterday, thoughts and questions all came to mind to many folks around Dallas. Would it be a big name player? A loanee from a partner club like Tigres? Another Home Grown player signing? Or something completely off the map? 

If you guessed the latter of those items, then you're right. Today the club announced that they have signed Brek Shea to a long-term deal that will keep him in a Dallas uniform through 2015.

"Brek Shea is exactly the kind of player we need to keep at FC Dallas and in MLS," said Doug Quinn. 

It's good to hear that the club is committed to keeping players like Shea for the long-haul. Was this worth having a press conference over? No, but good for the club to show how much they are committed to Shea and his playing career here to do something like this for him.