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Thursday FC Dallas News Update

Steve Hunt has a great article up on right now where he talks to Eric Alexander and discusses the state of the central midfield role

"Hopefully [I'm back out there]," Alexander said. "He [Hyndman] has me in there with the first team right now. AJ [Jacobson] and Avi, he's trying all of them out. We'll see come Friday. He talked to all of us and knows it's a hard position to play as far as fitness. I think whoever he puts in there he'll probably have two players play in that position during the game because it's so demanding."

Is FC Dallas creating a women's team? It sure looks like it from the article, but this seems to be pretty sub-professional level. A team from Ardmore, OK won things last year, if that says anything. I've been to Ardmore...let's just say it's not a soccer hotbed. 

Tryouts begin in Frisco on Saturday for Sueno MLS 2011. That's got to be a wild day out there, evaluating potentially thousands of players. David Ferreira will be making an appearance on Saturday as well.

In a feature interview with ESPN Soccernet, Thierry Henry says he thought FC Dallas was the best team last season. 

There is something that bothers Henry, though. He realizes his legacy with the Red Bulls will be measured against the number of MLS Cups he manages to secure for his club. But doing that depends on a system that Henry considers too fickle -- the MLS playoffs.



"Real Salt Lake made the playoffs the year before [last] in the last game. Colorado did it last year in the last two games. They [both] won the league," said Henry. "I'm not having a go, but I'm just saying in this way it's kind of different here. In a cup competition anything can happen and it can be decided by the draw. But I still don't believe that at the end the best team of all won. For me, the best team of all last year was FC Dallas, and they lost in the final. It is hard to win the MLS for that reason."