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FC Dallas & Dallas Cup Monday morning soccer roundup

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Despite FCD being in Vancouver, it was a busy weekend up in Frisco with the business end of Dallas Cup taking place. Unfortunately, our FC Dallas Academy got blasted by Tigres on Friday night 5-0 in a game that was much closer(1-0 at halftime) than the score might indicate. 

While the loss was tough for the kids to take, every game is a learning experience as the academy figures out just what it takes to be considered among the elite in the world. 

J.R. Eskilson of dude who I worked with throughout the week), has a nice recap up of all the championship games. 

There was a first at Dallas Cup last night in which the Super Group final was declared a draw as storms rolled in midway through the second half of the game between Tigres and Eintracht Frankfurt. With the score knotted at 1-1, the only conclusion was to declare the game a draw as lightning boomed around the stadium for hours. It's of course not an ideal situation and one that no one involved with Dallas Cup likes, but it was the necessary thing to do with teams flying out tomorrow morning.

Keep reading for the best moment of Dallas Cup and FC Dallas news including how long Ferreira might be out

The best moment of Sunday was the victory of Knowsley Youth in the U19 age group. This team, comprised of inner city kids from a fairly poor borough of Liverpool, has been coming to Dallas Cup for over 20 years without having won the trophy until finally capturing it yesterday. Knowsley is managed by a man named Dave Mercer who has been coming to the tournament himself for over 15 years and this was his final season. Check out video of knowsley celebrating their championship...there's more videos of other celebrations and interviews on my youtube page.

Knowsley Youth with Dallas Cup U19 Championship (via bigdsoccer1)

Elsewhere in the FC Dallas world, Andy Friedlander writes that David Ferreira will be out around three months. Non-subscribers may not be able to see it, but it's there. This isn't really surprising as an injury that requires surgery would take this much time to heal. The good news is Ferreira should be good to go for the business end of the schedule. 

Sparks flew after the match on Saturday as Schellas Hyndman accused Jonathan Leathers of some dirty play

"The same thing happened to Zakuani last night," said Hyndman. "A very gifted player with a compound fracture. So, what goes through my mind is a player taken down from behind and not a foul being called, and he's at the hospital right now seeing if it's a fracture."

Leathers was surprised by the comments.

"I remember getting the ball first and then I may have come through and got him," he said. "I didn't think it was that bad. Obviously the ref didn't think it was that bad, either. There was no vicious tackle at all."

Thordarson scoffed at the allegation and said: "I don't want to go down that road."

You should read DJ Walker's Stream of Consciousness during the match

Stop . . . Avi Time. 

Eric Avila scores the go-ahead goal in the 83rd minute! Collecting a loose ball, taking a couple touches and drilling a diagonal shot from just outside the penalty area. This kid is SO good off the bench. He comes in late, and plays with confidence and audacity. I love it. He probably hates it, because it just means he'll start less, but, man, he's a super-sub. 

Cam Tucker's gamer for the Dallas Morning News is worth reading...and it's free!

“Luckily [the ball] popped out in front of me and as soon as I got it, I just took the touch and put it in,” said Avila, who added that losing Ferreira helped motivate him and his teammates.

“I think it’s a step forward,” he said. “We’re fighting and fighting until the end and we’re not giving up, which shows a lot of character with this team.”

Notice the part that I bolded...this is a very interesting comment that seems to get buried a little bit. Lots more later as now that Dallas Cup is over, I have a life again!