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Saturday Afternoon FC Dallas Update

It's kind of the calm before the storm in DFW as Dallas Cup begins tomorrow and FC Dallas takes on Portland. There's certainly a few things to discuss this afternoon though.

David Agrell profiled Kenny Cooper for and he reveals that Dallas tried very hard to get Kenny back this offseason, but Portland wouldn't budge. 

"FC Dallas worked extremely, extremely hard to get him back to Dallas," Hyndman said. "This is his home. I think he and I had a wonderful relationship — we still do — but the way it turned out, the cards were all in Portland's hands … and coach John Spencer recognized that Kenny was a player he wanted and he wasn't about to budge on that." previews tomorrow's big game

"With Portland coming off a game (Thursday), they may be a little tired on Sunday," midfielder Eric Avila said. "We need to come out fast and establish our game."

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Anyone who saw the Timbers vs Fire game on Thursday knows their fans had an unbelievable atmosphere. In my mind, they were the difference between the two teams and gave Portland the adrenaline to get the first couple of goals. 

The Timbers players seemed in awe of the crowd, as many of them hadn’t played in an atmosphere like this before. Others, like midfielder Peter Lowry, would have given anything to play, but he was held out after suffering a knock in training.

The trip to Portland is a reunion of sorts for some players

“It’s going to be nice and I’m looking forward to it,” said John. “It’s always tough playing expansions teams for their first couple of home games. I’m sure they will be fired up with all the fans and it’s going to be a great atmosphere.”

Moving on to Dallas Cup, here's a list of some players to watch if you make it out to Frisco 

Boyd Okwuonu - FC Dallas U18 Academy - Okwuonu, from the Oklahoma City area, has been a rock at central defense for FC Dallas this year and will be central to any success that Dallas wants to have in a group with Spanish power Barcelona.

And finally, the Dallas Morning News has a story on Byron Ramirez, an FC Dallas Academy player, who has a remarkable story about his trip to Dallas from Costa Rica. 

Byron Ramirez has done a lot to chase his dream of playing professional soccer.

He’s moved to a new country, learned a second language and focused on academics.

But that lifelong dream might still be a fantasy if not for a chance rooming assignment two years ago.