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5 Dallas Cup Games to Watch

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The best week of the year is almost upon us. Dallas Cup is coming on Sunday and I couldn't be more excited. This year in addition to my media relations work for Dallas Cup, I'll be covering the tournament on Top Drawer Soccer, but I hope to provide some stuff on here as well.

There's the stadium games that everyone knows about, but there's a heck of a lot more to see than just the Sunday tripleheader. 

Jump for 5 must see Dallas Cup games

1. FC Dallas vs Barcelona-Gordon Jago U19 Super Group 3:30 PM Sunday Pizza Hut Park Stadium Field This one is kind of obvious. FCD vs Chelsea last year was a thriller and this one should be no different. Just set the FCD vs Timbers game on tivo and watch our youth take on the best the world has to offer. You're never going to get this chance again. 


2. SC Corinthians vs Tigres-Gordon Jago U19 Super Group 8:30 PM Wednesday Pizza Hut Park Stadium Field An absolute must see game that will probably decide who advances from the group stage. If I've learned one thing from Dallas Cup, it's that Mexican and Brazilian clubs just flat out don't like each other. Last year eventual champions Cruzeiro scored a last second winner in the Wednesday night game to qualify for the semifinals. 


3. Knowsley Youth vs DC United U19 12PM Monday PHP Field 14 Knowsley is always one of the best stories of Dallas Cup, a team made up of kids from a rough part of Liverpool. I've met some of the kids in past years and they're always awesome and very nice. DC United has a great youth team and will be a great match for them, should be a fun game to catch.


4. Barrio Mexico vs FC Dallas U16 Academy U17 10:30AM Sunday PHP Field 17 Want to get a look at Emerson Hyndman? This is likely a great chance as the FCD U16 academy takes on Barrio Mexico from Costa Rica(explain that). 


5. Japan U18 National Team vs FC Barcelona U19 Gordon Jago Super Group Monday 2PM PHP Field 6 After everything that has happened, the Japanese team is showing amazing heart to make it to Dallas Cup and they even have a player from the hardest hit part of the country. Come root for the underdogs as they face Spanish giants Barcelona. 


Are there any games besides these that you're excited about?

There's so many more games to watch than these...head here for the full Dallas Cup schedule and stay here for full Dallas Cup XXXII coverage.