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Weekend Rewind

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Happy Monday to all, in case you were wondering I slept right through the storms last night. 

Most of the stuff this morning centers around the big win last Friday night. 

Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News writes that FCD's first win was stylish, if late

But Friday at Pizza Hut Park, FC Dallas proved the superior team as it prevailed, 3-0, in the first meeting between the clubs since Colorado claimed the title.

"This game, we put all the pieces together," said midfielder Eric Avila. "We played as a team."

Must read DJ Walker's Stream of Consciousness

I do believe David Ferreira pulled a pacifier out of his shorts and put in his mouth as a goal celebration. I hope there's a good story behind this, some symbolism at play. Surely there must be. I'd hate to think he just happened to have one on him as a matter of course. 

Robert Casner writes that David Ferreira was fundamental in the win. 

During training leading up to Friday’s game against the Rapids, Ferreira continually mentioned staying calm, staying in the moment of the game, and not letting the pressure get to the team.

His message was no different afterwards.

"It was a good night and, most importantly, in the moment where we had to be calm, the team was there to do the job and we are happy for the result," Ferreira said.


Keep reading for the result of the reserve game, day 2 of Sueno MLS and a profile of Moises Hernandez

The fields of Pizza Hut Park were full of hopefuls this weekend as Sueno MLS was going on. They're down to the final five from north Texas. 

The five finalists from Dallas will be announced next Sunday, April 17. Tune into the weekly television show Republica Deportiva on Univision to find out who made it to the next round.

Some spare writer profiled Moises Hernandez for Top Drawer Soccer saying that he's a possible left back of the future for both FC Dallas and the national team. 

While Hernandez rise may seem very fast, once one gets a look at his game it's not hard to see why coaches love him so much. Many times left back is a position in which you're only noticed if you do something wrong, but Hernandez excels at both defending and getting forward on offense.

Finally the Reserves downed Colorado 1-0 in an official reserve game on Saturday morning to run their record to 2-0-0

Just as in Friday’s first team match, FC Dallas struck in the first minute of the second half. Following the kick off, Maykel Galindo found the ball at his feet while streaking through the Colorado back line. In a foot race with a defender on his left side, Galindo volleyed a shot with his right foot that beat Colorado goalkeeper Steward Ceus high over his left shoulder for a 1-0 lead.



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