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Official: FC Dallas signs Fabian Castillo Colombian U20 International Forward

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It was officially announced this afternoon that FC Dallas has acquired Fabian Castillo.

New FC Dallas writer Robert Casner has an article up with some interesting quotes from Schellas regarding the deal and possible move to a 4-4-2.

“I think first of all we are in a 4-1-4-1 formation more out of necessity than anything else,” Hyndman said. “I think at the same time it’s been a very, very productive formation for us.”

“There are a lot of strengths and there are obviously weaknesses in the system," Hyndman said, "but I think from where I’m looking at it, we could very well go into a 4-4-2 with the right type of players. You may have a system of choice and I think anybody that knows me knows that my choice has always been a 4-4-2.”


I think we can all safely agree that the Heath Pearce trade is acceptable now as this deal doesn't happen without that trade. It's going to be an exciting year in Frisco.