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Breaking News: Fabian Castillo Deal Finalized

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We've been the first to report news from South America involving Fabian Castillo all week and now Futbolred of Colombia is saying tonight that the Fabian Castillo deal is signed and finalized. The Colombian U20 International forward joins Dallas on a reported three year contract. Dallas is reportedly paying $700,000 for half of Castillo's rights.

Castillo, who was scouted in-person by Schellas Hyndman himself last weekend, will head to Dallas on Friday to join the team with a week of practice before the season starts. 

Edit: Andres "Manga" Escobar also rumored to be coming to FC Dallas from Deportivo Cali played for Cali on Sunday in a Colombian league game so it seems unlikely that he's joining Castillo in Frisco. I'm sure it will be someone that Dallas has on their radar in coming years though. After all Schellas said he saw Ferreira years before signing him. For now though, the coffers are likely empty after splashing the cash on Castillo. 

Quotes from team president Fernando Marin and Fabian Castillo after the jump

Fernando Marin, Deportivo Cali President, confirms the signing in the report. Translated:

"On Friday we signed the document, and Fabian (Castillo) belongs to Dallas," said the president. 

Fabian Castillo also speaks in the article. Roughly translated: 

"I'm very happy because it was an opportunity I've been waiting for and now I can take it. My dream was to play abroad to help my family and I am thinking of buying a home," said a delighted Castillo.