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Robbie Rogers has asked to be traded...FCD a possible suitor?

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News has come out of Columbus today that explosive winger Robbie Rogers has asked to be traded in light of being dropped from the starting lineup for opening day. I've long been an admirer of Rogers who was MLS Best XI in 2008 and nearly make the 2010 World Cup squad. 

However, Rogers has fallen on hard times recently struggling with some injuries and having a bit of trouble re-gaining the 2008 form. There are certainly red flags with Rogers as his contract is up after this season and you worry a bit about his attitude right now but I think he could be a guy that with a change of scenery in Dallas would flourish. 

He's just 23 years old and provided you could lock him up to a contract would be a key piece to the puzzle locking down the left side for years to come. Rogers played a year of college ball for Sacho Cirovski at Maryland, someone that Schellas knows fairly well, and there's also the HSG link between FCD and Columbus.

So who would I propose FCD giving up for Rogers? 

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In watching Columbus face Real Salt Lake the Concacaf Champions League, I just kept thinking to myself, this team would be great with Eric Avila. Avila has long been suited for the attacking midfield role and Columbus is a team that doesn't really lack for size, but was missing that last cutting pass time and again. 

Eric Avila is a seriously talented player that has just never quite found his fit with FC Dallas and hit top form. Schellas wouldn't have kept Avila around this long if he didn't see the obvious talent there, but is Avila willing to wait another couple of years behind Ferreira before taking the reins? 

Please don't interpret this as me wanting to see Avila traded, he's one of my favorite players that's come through here and is one of the nicest, most easy to talk to guys around. For years I've been hoping he would finally take that next step to show the skill we all see in practice, consistently on the MLS pitch. However, you want to see every player reach their full potential and I'm not sure that will happen here in Dallas under Schellas Hyndman's system. I think Avila could shine in Columbus' system given the opportunity for a rebuilding Crew side. 

Would Columbus trade Robbie Rogers for a combination of Eric Avila, another bit player and some draft picks or allocation money? It seems a little bit of a cut price until you think that Rogers hasn't hit top form in a couple of years and could be gone at the end of the season. Who knows? But on slow news days, it's fun to do some speculation. 

Would you like to see FC Dallas go after Robbie Rogers or is Avila's potential still something you want to hang on to?