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FC Dallas Home Opener Ticket Sales Brisk and more...

There will be more people than this on Saturday.
There will be more people than this on Saturday.

The hype is growing in anticipation and I've got some great news on this Wednesday afternoon. I'm hearing from sources that ticket sales for Saturday night are going at a very brisk pace and things are coming close to a sell out. As always, the cheaper options on the east side and endline are the first to go and those options probably aren't going to be available at the gate on Saturday. 

Because I love all who read Big D Soccer, I've gotten a link from Kevin Lindstrom, FCD ticket rep and supporter since '96, to get tickets for Saturday night at nice discounts. As a quick search will show you, there's not a lot left here and I know they're going to make a big push in these next 48 hours.

Click this link, password is "FCD" to get tickets at a pretty sweet discount from box office prices and print them from home. 

Meanwhile, yesterday was media day out at Pizza Hut Park and WFAA Channel 8 sent George Riba out there. 


There's tons of power rankings out from all the major MLS news sources. has FCD fourthSBI has FCD fourthWVHooligan has FCD fifth. 

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If you are looking for somewhere to celebrate St. Pattys Day tomorrow head to Ringo's in Frisco as FC Dallas players will be there pouring green beer .

I've currently got Real Madrid vs Lyon on the TV and the FCD academy players are at the match. They arrived in Madrid for their week long stay this morning. 

Robert Casner previews the FC Dallas season for

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