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Where Are They Now? 2008 FCD Team

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Where did they all go?
Where did they all go?

Buzz Carrick over at 3rd Degree had an interesting post yesterday (Daniel mentioned this really a couple months ago). Of the players brought in before Schellas Hyndman took over in 2008 we are now down to just three. Yup, SuperDraft picks Brek Shea, Josh Lambo, and Eric Avila. Hard to believe that but every player brought in since then were all Hyndman's doing.

Only Shea is a starter while Avila could see more starting roles this year. Lambo is still a work in progress and I have a hunch he may get loaned out for part of the year again this season.

But this all got me thinking, what happened to the rest of that 2008 squad that was in place right around the time that Hyndman took over. 

2008 was a transition year for FC Dallas. The season started out with Steve Morrow as the head coach but by the middle of May he was outed as manager of the club after a 5-1 loss to the Los Angeles Galaxy at Pizza Hut Park. Boy I remember that game like it was yesterday. Intermin boss Marco Ferruzzi took over shortly after the Morrow firing and he only lead the club for a few weeks until Hyndman came in to finish out the season.

Since then nearly the entire roster either got cut, traded, waived, transfered or retired. 

I'll start with the keepers and work my way up the roster (this is everyone except for Shea, Avila, Lambo and a couple draft picks that never saw action with the club). 


Ray Burse - I always liked Burse but he never really was given a long chance in goal here in Dallas. Once Dario Sala showed he was main guy in goal Burse's time in the Big D was pretty much up. Where is he now: On trial with Columbus

Dario Sala - One of the more recent departures from this bunch as Dallas didn't renew his contract for the 2011 season. With Kevin Hartman as the true starter in goal Sala's time was indeed up. Where is he now: Unattached


David Wagenfuhr - Oh Wags. He played four seasons with the Burn/Red Stripes. He saw plenty of playing time between 2005 and 2007. Where is he now: Retired

Blake Wagner - 2008 was a breakout season for Wagner. He started 23 games for the club that season. But like most on this list he wasn't a Hyndman-guy. Where is he now: Vancouver Whitecaps 

Michael Dello-Russo - De-Russ didn't see a lot of action while in Dallas. He only appeared in 11 games over three years for Dallas was was loaned out in the 2006 season to Minnesota in the USL. Where is he now: Baltimore (indoor league)

Duilio Davino - Oh the prized signing of the 2008 season for former GM Michael Hitchcock. Davino saw action in 23 games, starting 22 of them but was not in the plans once Hyndman took over. I think most Dallas fans will agree his signing was mostly a bust. Where is he now: Monterrey (Mexico)

Adrian Serioux - Some didn't like Serioux in Dallas but for me I actually thought the Canadian was a decent fit here. Still he wasn't in Hyndman's plans and looking back its probably a good thing he wasn't seeing how he bounced around a little more after he left here. Where is he now: Unattached (previously with Houston)

Aaron Pitchkolen - A personal favorite of mine, mainly because I covered his college career some at West Virginia (we both went there). Pitch turned into a solid defender but was sent packing the following year in a trade with San Jose. Where is he now: Rochester (USL-Pro)

Drew Moor - A lot of people may still miss Moor here in Dallas. He was a local product that loved playing for the club. Still I think the trade with the Rapids for Ugo Ihemelu was pretty fair in the end. Where is he now: Colorado Rapids

Anthony Wallace - A fairly recent departure from the club. Just too bad it came back to bite the club in the MLS Cup last season. Where is he now: Colorado Rapids


Jamie Watson - He only saw 11 minutes of playing time but since he is a good guy in my book I'll include him here in the list. Did you know he is one of the few players in American soccer history to score in all four division of US Soccer? Crazy. Just too bad his MLS career never really got going.  Where is he now: Orlando City (USL-Pro)

Chase Wileman - Only saw limited action with the club over a two year period. Pretty much what you'd expect from a Supplemental draft pick. Where is he now: unattached/possibly retired? 

Bobby Rhine - A fan favorite. He didn't play a whole lot in 2008 due to injuries but I think things are working out well for him now. Where is he now: Broadcaster, writer for FC Dallas

Dax McCarty - Another fairly recently departure, mainly because the club didn't protect him in the expansion draft. Again, he wasn't a Hyndman-guy. Where is he now: DC United

Pablo Ricchetti - Boy Hyndman tried to work with this guy but he was definitely difficult at times to be around. He isn't playing professionally anymore and apparently he is still around North Texas (at least as of last spring). He was spotted on a men's over 30 league here in Dallas. Where is he now: Retired/Kicking it local

Victor Sikora - Ah I recall Sikora very well during his brief time in Dallas. A lot of us had high hopes for him. Injuries quickly hurt his chances of staying with the team however. Where is he now: Perth Glory (Australia) 

Marcelo Saragosa - Boy I couldn't wait for the day that he left Dallas. Always a guy that caused a lot of fouls and did little for the defense. Dallas definitely got the better end of the trade with Chivas when they picked up Atiba Harris in the swap. Where is he now: Chivas USA

Juan Toja - Ah, Toja. Another guy Dallas fans loved. He was an All-Star and boy who could forget that hair? Where is he now: Aris FC (Greece) 

Andre Rocha - One of those CAP loan guys. Rocha saw plenty of time in 2008 on the field scoring three goals and tallying eight assists. Where is he now: Panetolikos FC (Greece) 


Ricardinho - A lot of people had high hopes for this kid but I was never one of them. This CAP loanee never fit in well here in my opinion and since then he's been loaned out even more by CAP. Where is he now: on loan at FC Tokyo (Japan)

Abe Thompson - Thompson was a model player in Dallas but let's face it he wasn't a true starter in this league. Maybe had the Reserve division not folded he would be doing better. Where is he now: Miami FC

Arturo Alvarez - Alvarez was wanting out before Hyndman even got here. Dallas got some allocation money for him when they sent him to San Jose. Where is he now: Real Salt Lake

Dominic Oduro - The speedster Dom. If he ever could have found a solid first touch he'd be something else in this league. Instead he's merely a bench warmer. Where is he now: Unattached (previously with Houston)

Jeff Cunningham - He was Hyndman's first big move as head coach. Sadly he won't break the all-time goal scoring mark in a Dallas uniform. At least it wasn't an unpleasant divorce like his other departures have been in this league. Where is he now: Columbus Crew

Kenny Cooper - The Golden Boot winner for the club that season. He scored 18 goals and was also named the league's Comeback Player of the Year, Best XI, and All-Star. Just too bad the club couldn't get him back when he decided to return to MLS this winter. Where is he now: Portland Timbers