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Late night links 2/5

Some late night links for those of you getting back from the Super Bowl parties...

The Daytona-Beach News Journal has a cool story up on FCD supplemental draft pick Alexis Pradie. I can't wait to get a look at this guy...there's a ton of good info on the kid who was actually all set up to go to SMU before having eligibility issues so it's clearly someone who Schellas was familiar with. This is where Schellas and Barry Gorman's extensive experience in the college game pays off. 

Embry-Riddle coach David Gregson believes Pradie more than just fills a common missing ingredient in backfields.

"I think FC Dallas might have uncovered a real diamond in the rough," Gregson said.

"The way he plays the game is a level above how we play here in college, just the speed of his play, the speed of his decision making. ... His presence around the locker room, his professionalism, attention to fitness and academics, he was a vital role model to the rest of our players."


Steve Hunt has a story up on the FCD website in which Schellas calls for better protection of the league's stars.

"They showed a clip in the referee’s clinic when they called it gang fouling," Hyndman said. "It was David. He got fouled six times, but it wasn’t by the same players. So, the referees have to recognize it's gang tackling, and it might be your first but it’s a yellow card because you as a group are doing this."

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Steve has another story up mentioning the winter storm and recent injuries...I wouldn't worry too much about these small injuries yet. The veterans know what they need to do to get ready for the season, the first couple of weeks are about the youngsters trying to impress. 

Also missing practice was Heath Pearce, who is fully recovered from the hamstring injury that sidelined him during FCD’s entire playoff run.

“He pulled himself out of training today,” Hyndman said. "His hip flexor was a little tight. He could train but he just doesn’t want to push it, so he can’t train next week.”


The great Denise Isla has a nice story up on Diario La Estrella with some good quotes including Maykel Galindo...for those of you who don't hablo espanol, google translator is your friend. 

Galindo también tuvo un encuentro muy “frío”.

“Pensaba que el calor en Dallas era más fuerte que Los Ángeles pero nunca había sentido este frío que no me hizo salir de la habitación para nada, pero es bueno para sobreponerse a este tipo de adversidades”.

Sobre su presencia en el cuadro rojiblanco, “necesitaba otras experiencias y nuevos compañeros, tuve tres opciones pero con la buena campaña que Dallas tuvo la temporada pasada y veía que es un bonito equipo decidí aceptar la invitación”.

El delantero había sufrido una operación de hernia que no lo ayudó a mantener su estado físico. “Ahora me siento bien y espero aprvechar esta oportunidad para volver a un equipo competitivo”.


Bobby Rhine begins his Roster Watch 2011 for the FCD website. Perhaps the most interesting part....

Playing nearly 70 minutes against Chile during a January friendly has certainly helped Shea move beyond a forgettable MLS Cup Final. He looks fit and sharp on the ball. His courage to try things -- which is typically based on confidence -- looks as good as it did during the majority of 2010. Can he surpass the heights he reached last season? Starting preseason in this fashion would lead me to say yes. Chavez and Shea are your starting wide players going into camp, and it’s their job to lose.


I've got a couple of 12 hour work days ahead of me with Super Bowl XLV so Drew will hold things down this weekend if anything interesting happens, however unlikely that may be...if any of you are planning to come out to Sundance Square tomorrow, stop by the ESPN103.3 setup and find me. I'll give you a neato t-shirt.