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FC Dallas Search for a Forward in Argentina: Much More Revealed

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Could Javier Toledo be the next FC Dallas forward?
Could Javier Toledo be the next FC Dallas forward?

The latest of Barry Gorman's "Eye in the Sky" travel diaries was posted today on and it revealed a ton of information about who FCD could be looking at for their next forward.

5:05 pm: Kick-off as I sit on a concrete slab that serves both as a step and a seat, but no complaints here. I watched a good game that had just about everything -- goals, cards, controversy, players sent off and talented individuals. A 3-0 victory for the home team left the vast majority of fans satisfied.

Given that Gorman reveals he was in the Argentine city of San Juan, we can deduce that Gorman was at the San Martin vs Rosario Central game that afternoon which ended 3-0 to San Martin. 

Keep reading for some names and more info

Starting at forward that day for San Martin was RobervalSebastian Penco and Federico Poggi with Gaston Caprari and Maximiliano Barreiro on the bench while Rosario Central sent out Javier Toledo, Ramiro Costa and Antonio Medina with Luciano Figueroa and Adrian De Leon on the bench.

I think it's very likely that the player FCD is looking at is Javier Toledo currently on loan at Rosario Central from Al-Ahli. He certainly fits the bill of the center forward Dallas would be looking for. He's been through Atletico Paranaense in the last year which is another huge indicator and by the looks of things he would be another loan to buy type deal. 

Of course it could be anyone from the lineup from that game, but Toledo seems to fit the bill better than any of the other players. The only downside is the likelyhood that Toledo would not be available until the summer as he likely signed a season-long loan at Central whose season ends on June 17. 

JAVIER TOLEDO (via paraguayfootball)