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Friday Afternoon links and roster news

Sorry Bruno Martins, that's the way soccer go.
Sorry Bruno Martins, that's the way soccer go.

TGIF to everyone, hope to see ya'll out at the Allen Wickers in Plano tomorrow night for FCD vs Houston at 7PM. If you haven't been there it's a nice pub run by soccer guys with fairly cheap prices. Definitely endorsed by Big D Soccer.

The biggest news of the day is a couple of roster moves as Alexis Pradie has decided to leave camp and pursue his education while Bruno Martins was told thanks, but no thanks. I feel a bit bad for Pradie as you could tell there was a little bit of talent there, but he was given ample chances to impress and just wasn't up to par. The fact that he was an international didn't help either. Martins was let go after failing to impress in his two weeks. 

This has to be good news for guys like Scott Gordon and Bruno Guarda who are that much closer to a roster spot. 

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Other news from today's training report includes the return of Charlie Campbell to training, Zach Loyd picking up a strained quad in yesterdays game and George John returning to half of training today.


Todd Date wrote an interesting article for 3rd Degree today saying that FCD should pass on Maykel Galindo due to his inability to play in the 4-1-4-1 formation. 

I can definitely see Todd's point of view on the situation as Galindo certainly is mainly comfortable in a 4-1-4-1, but right now I believe Galindo should make the roster simply because there are no other options. Galindo would be a relatively inexpensive option and sure he wouldn't start, but he would likely be brought into situations where Dallas would be bringing a second forward off the bench anyways.

If the Galindo signing would be keeping a younger player like Luna off the field then I would be against it too, but right now signing Galindo as a 3rd forward to pair with Milton or Luna off the bench when Dallas needs a goal is a viable option in my opinion. Of course a ton also depends if Dallas can find that other forward they're looking for in South America, but if the only real forward options going into the season are Luna and Milton then Galindo deserves a roster spot. 


Victor Ulloa has written another blog for the FCD website talking about life on the road in Orlando. 


Simon Borg writes for that Dallas is already developing a culture of winning the preseason this year with quotes from Brek and Schellas on the youngster moving to center back. 

“[Shea] did very well,” Hyndman said. “I did the Generation adidas trip to Madrid [in December 2010] and he was outstanding at center back — one of our top three players that were there. But it’s not a permanent place for him.”


Shea called the center back role "a fun position."

“If the boss asks me to do it, I’m going to do what he asks me to,” he said.



Finally watch the second part of FCD's 1 on 1 interview with David Ferreira