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FC Dallas Academy Hosting A Tournament This Weekend

FC Dallas academy has announced they will be hosting a mini-tournament this weekend against a couple Mexican league youth teams at Pizza Hut Park.

FCD along with academies from Sporting Kansas City and the Colorado Rapids will face off against Tigres, Monterrey and Santos teams from the same age group.

"These international games are very important and special for the overall technical and tactical development of our players as well as a great way for them to gain international experience playing top teams from Mexico and MLS," said Oscar Pareja, the FC Dallas director of player development.

(Read on to see the full schedule)

The complete schedule:

Saturday, Feb. 26

2 p.m. – U-16 FC Dallas vs. Santos (Field 5)

2 p.m. – U-18 Sporting KC vs. Monterrey (Field 6)

4 p.m. – U-16 Sporting KC vs. Tigres (Field 6)

4 p.m. – U-18 FC Dallas vs. Dynamo (Field 5)

Sunday, Feb. 27

10 a.m. – U-16 Sporting KC vs. Santos (Field 7)

10 a.m. – U-18 FC Dallas vs. Monterrey (Field 8)

12 p.m. – U-16 FC Dallas vs. Tigres (Field 8)

12 p.m. – U-18 Sporting KC vs. Dynamo (Field 7)