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30 Tickets to March 19: February 21st Edition

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It's been a month since we took our in-depth look at the FCD roster heading into pre-season and now that we're through the first phase with all the trades and movement I think it's time to take another look at the state of things given we won't see FCD play in Texas again until March 12....some of this stuff will be rehashing old news, but I think it's all necessary to get a full scope of things

Roster Changes

Departures: Heath Pearce(Trade), Jason Yeisley(Waived), Brayan Martinez(Waived), Sheldon Palmer(Waived), Craig Hill(waived)...obviously the biggest name here is Heath Pearce. The starting right back, a position of strength for FCD, was traded for cash and the ability to free up cap room to improve at forward.

Arrivals: Andrew Jacobson, Richard Sanchez, Ricardo Villar, Bruno Martins?...The center midfield position has been improved since the pre-season started. Villar was fairly impressive in the only game I've seen him in, at Houston, and Jacobson has a track record of being at least serviceable in MLS and an improved at backup midfield over Bruno Guarda. 

Overall: There's no doubt FCD is worse, on paper, now than they were a couple of weeks ago. However, as Drew told us last week, trading Pearce has opened up a ton of space and if FCD signs a starting level MLS forward then the team has improved by the trade.  

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30 tickets to March 19

NOTE:This is how the roster currently stands and does not account for possible future signings. This is all very subject to change. 

Slam dunk 2011 senior roster spots

1. Kevin Hartman - Hartman has a few pre-season games under his belt and has looked solid. I'm just happy he's taking goal kicks again. 

2. Chris Seitz - The backup goalie and protege to Kevin Hartman, starter for most USOC and CCL games

3. Jair Benitez(I) - Benitez has come flying into 2011 guns blazing. He's spit on Geoff Cameron and played pretty well in the SMU game. 

4. Ugo Ihemelu - Ugo unfortunately had sports hernia surgery and isn't training. Sports hernia's can be really hit or miss on how long they take for players to fully recover from. I would think that opening day is a very optimistic return date for him. 

5. George John - Hasn't played yet, but I'm not too worried about him. John is practically a veteran now and should be ready for opening day barring any major setbacks. 

6. Zach Loyd - Schellas said last week that he sees Loyd mostly as a center back and it looks like he will be the starter at that position on opening day if Ugo isn't back in time. Started today against Seattle in the 2-0 win

7. Jackson(I) - Has played exclusively at right back in the pre-season and will likely start there until Ugo is back. My gut tells me Loyd starts above Jackson on the right when Ugo and John are healthy, but we'll see.

8. David Ferreira(I) - Quiet pre-season so far for El Torito, but is anyone really worried? Nah. 

9. Marvin Chavez(I) - Chavez was fantastic against SMU and scored against Seattle today. Probably the top pre-season performer so far.

10. Daniel Hernandez - Schellas said last week that Hernandez is still only 65%. It's going to take some time for him to get back to full health. 

11. Brek Shea - Shea was very quiet against the Dynamo but the light finally turned on in the middle of the first half against SMU and Shea scored against Seattle today. Good signs from the budding star. 

12.  Eric Avila - Can't play in the middle yet but should find time on the right wing. Having a decent early pre-season

13.  Eric Alexander - As of right now it looks like Alexander is your starting central midfielder in the position previously occupied by Dax. The Jacobson signing puts a lot of pressure on the Indiana University product, however. 

14. Milton Rodriguez(I) - Right now he's your starting forward. Rodriguez scored a great header against SMU and if he can stay healthy could score 10-15 goals this season as he fits perfectly into the Dallas setup. 

15.  Ricardo Villar(I) - Winter signing from Germany, former Barry Gorman product from Penn State. Villar is David Ferreira's backup and a possible starter behind him in a pinch. 

16. Andrew Jacobson - Recent trade acquisition, Jacobson can fill in at either of the central mid positions and even center back. From Cal, Jacobson has been described as a fantastic athlete who needs to improve his soccer IQ. Could flourish in the Dallas system. 

17. Bobby Warshaw - FCD's first round draft pick from Stanford, Warshaw has been played at both center back and holding mid. Still a bit shaky but he's been very vocal and looks to be a leader on this team for years to come. 

Likely 2011 Senior roster spots 

18.  Kyle Davies - This position is a bit shaky, but I think Davies has shown enough to remain with a roster spot....for now. 

Work to do to keep 2011 spot

19.  Maykel Galindo - The Cuban forward, on trial with Dallas, was decent against SMU and looks like he's beginning to shake off the rust. A big part of whether Galindo makes the roster will be if FCD can nail down the international forward they want before the international window shuts, but as of now I think he makes the team. 

20. Bruno Guarda - Bruno is hanging on by a thread. Schellas can be loyal to a fault for his own guys, but I just don't see how he can be justified at his cap number. We'll see on this one. 

2011 Developmental roster spots (10)

Slam dunk developmental roster players

1. Ruben Luna - FC Dallas' prize youth product, Luna scored against SMU and is one of the brightest young talents in MLS(Homegrown)

2. Bryan Leyva - Miles ahead of the league at U18 level, has seen decent minutes in the pre-season. Can't wait to see him do some defenders in the reserve league(Homegrown)

3. Moises Hernandez - Could play in the U20 World Cup, FCD left back of the future.(Homegrown)

4. Victor Ulloa - Defensive mid, still very young, needs more games in reserves and Academy.(Homegrown)

5. Jonathon Top - Another FCD forward of the future. Also very young.(Homegrown)

6. Andrew Wiedeman - Seemed to take a step forward and grow in confidence towards end of 2010. Now a right back for FCD (GA)

7. Josh Lambo - Lambo stays here for now. His GA status could save him as the team's 3rd keeper with Sanchez not ready for the big time and Dallas not wanting to have just two keepers with any experience on the roster(GA)

8. Peri Marosevic - Will remain with the squad due to GA status but must show something and quickly.(GA)

9Richard Sanchez - FCD goalie of the distant future and 6th homegrown player, Sanchez should start for Mexico in the U17 World Cup this summer(Homegrown)

2011 Camp invitees working for the final development/senior roster spots

Charlie Campbell, Scott Gordon,  Paul Ogunyemi, Alexis Pradie.


Teams are allowed eight international slots and it's unclear right now whether the homegrown players count as internationals. I've made a note to ask about that next time I'm at practice. Assuming they don't count that leaves FCD with room for one more international spot presumably taken up by an international forward. If FCD signs that international forward to take the 20th and final roster spot it will either be Galindo, Guarda or Davies that is gut says Galindo would be the causality but it could be Guarda as well. 

That international signing would also have a trickle down effect to the final developmental spot as it would make things very tough on Alexis Pradie to make the roster as an international. Schellas has said they wouldn't necessarily keep all 30 roster spots full, but you've gotta think Scott Gordon as a center back would have the inside shot at that 30th and final spot if FCD signs an international forward. If not, Pradie would be the most likely choice.

The roster is very full to say the least.