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FC Dallas weekend recap

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Boomer Sooner
Boomer Sooner

Apologies for the lack of updates this weekend but my Time Warner Internet quit working over 24 hours ago and they can't send a guy to fix it until Wednesday. Lots of things over the last couple of days including some Dallas alumni news and a game time change

MLS and FSC have reached a one year TV deal. This doesn't affect Dallas except for a couple of game date and time changes. The home game against Colorado originally scheduled for April 9 has been moved back a day to Friday night April 8 at 8PM. I can't remember Dallas ever playing a Friday night home game so this will be an interesting experiment. The game in Columbus the previous weekend has also been moved to Friday night at 630...I'll be rushing from Ranger opening day to catch that one. 

Report: Carlos Ruiz is headed to Philly. I really didn't think we'd see Pescadito back in the league after flaming out in Toronto, but he's back. Ruiz was my favorite player while he was in Dallas, and it will be very interesting to see if he's cleaned up his act. 

Phil Stephens has a nice recap of the SMU game with a cool picture of Luna after scoringPhil puts a lot into this site and it doesn't get much love so give his stuff a look.

Keep reading for another former FCD player resurfacing in MLS after time out of the league and more


Ray Burse is back in the league with Columbus and will likely start in their champions league match against Salt Lake on Tuesday. Another guy I thought we wouldn't see back in the league, but I'll definitely be rooting for him. Crazy that he's going from the street to a game of this magnitude. 


If you subscribe to the DMN, you can read Andy Friedlander's pre-season article on FCD. I love when websites put good content behind paywalls because it makes sites like this more popular. 


Finally, another good article from Phil Stephens on the Heath Pearce trade with some Schellas quotes that I haven't seen anywhere else. It's very interesting to see Schellas say they've already identified players they want. 

“We needed to improve the roster,” Hyndman said. “It’s hard to go out and just sign a striker. We are hoping on a new player, but we didn’t have the ability to do anything without this move. I think now, we have the finances to make some moves.

“It’s not just allocation money, but frees up his salary as well to address the weakness on the team. We have identified players we want.”