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Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXII: You help pick the games

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My work with the Dallas Cup PR Staff allows me to bring you guys some pretty cool Dallas Cup related stuff including being the first to know about new teams and the full U19 Super Group. Now I've got an opportunity to bring the readers even closer to the biggest international youth soccer tournament in the world.

Tomorrow, there's a meeting up at Dallas Cup HQ in which we will make significant strides in deciding what teams go into which groups and what teams will face each other in the opening day triple header and I want your help. For those of you not familiar, there are four groups of four teams as well as the Opening Day triple header and Wednesday night double header played in the stadium.

I want you, valued reader, to give me what teams you want to see play on Sunday and Wednesday night. Now remember the teams that play must be in the same group so putting Arsenal vs Barcelona on Sunday night in Pizza Hut Park would mean they wouldn't be able to play in the semi-finals or finals as only the group winners will advance to the semifinals so keep that in mind. 

Last year the Sunday tripleheader was Dallas Texans vs Tottenham, FC Dallas vs Chelsea and USA U20 vs Mexico U20 while Wednesday night's doubleheader was USA U20 vs Eintracht Frankfurt and Cruzeiro vs Chivas.

This is your chance to have a say in what teams you'll be seeing face off on Sunday and Wednesday inside Pizza Hut Park. I can assure you I will be bringing these suggestions to the table tomorrow afternoon. 

Jump for the full list of Super Group teams

Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXII Super group teams:


Arsenal FC(England) | FC Barcelona(Spain)

SC Corinthians(Brazil) | Coritiba FC(Brazil)

Eintracht Frankfurt(Germany) | Tigres(Mexico)

Club Bolivar(Bolivia) | LD Alajuelense(Costa Rica)

CS Cartagines(Costa Rica) | Chorrillo FC(Panama)

Japan U18 National team | Vancouver Whitecaps(Canada)

Dallas Texans(USA) | FC Dallas(USA)

Houston Dynamo(USA) | Real Salt Lake-AZ(USA)