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Heath Pearce: I was told they weren't going to trade me

Two guys with new cities, new teams, but the same stadium
Two guys with new cities, new teams, but the same stadium

I hate to keep beating ya'll over the head with it, but there's a ton more in the Heath Pearce trade saga. Pearce broke his silence to Scott French of ESPN Los Angeles. 

Were you surprised when you heard? 

I kind of had a feeling something was happening the last few days. I thought it was just a little bit of paranoia, something like that. I'd been told two weeks prior they were not going to trade me, that they had plans and I should rest assured I won't be traded. I was told they expected big things from me. 

Another interesting quote

You look at Dallas, they've lost at this point four contributors, three starters [Pearce and midfielders Dax McCarty and Atiba Harris] and the other started a lot of the season [top scorer Jeff Cunningham]. They're not the same team as last year.

There's more from Pearce, but you'll have to read the article.

Piecing the puzzle together here, it looks like it was Gorman's decision to trade Pearce, one that he made very quickly, and all Schellas talks about is the room it gives the team to make a move.

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In yesterday's Practice Live, Schellas talked about a couple of things that are relevant here. The first of which being the Pearce trade leaving Gorman less handcuffed on signing a forward. 

When you send your technical director out to find a striker, but he goes out with no availability of acquiring the striker, he doesn't have the money to bring in a player he comes back not very successful. So what we are able to do now is give him a little bit more resources to go out and identify the striker and then try to make a deal to bring in the striker or another player that interests us.

Then he talked about the most concerning thing in the Houston Dynamo game being how little the team created offensively. 

The thing that doesn't make sense is we need to have a better scoring output. Our strike force has to be a little bit more productive, the defensive part will get better. Yes we want results but I'm really trying to get the team prepared for the first game. 

Perhaps Schellas and Gorman had a bit of a panic moment once they realized that the forward situation can't wait until July 15, the first day you can add international players in the middle of the season. With Milton Rodriguez as a constant injury worry and Ruben Luna potentially away from the team for a month due to the U20 World Cup qualifying with Mexico, the time is now to make a move and Gorman knows it which is why he made the deal. Still, you've got to think this could have been handled in a much better way.