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Allocation, Roster Flexibility Key In FC Dallas Trading Pearce

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Heath Pearce was sent packing today for allocation money from Chivas USA.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Heath Pearce was sent packing today for allocation money from Chivas USA. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Like it or not, FC Dallas just traded Heath Pearce, one of the better defensive players in Major League Soccer to Chivas USA today for allocation. Yeah, just for allocation money. 

I know a lot of folks around here are saying, why just for allocation money? Simple, even though the league never discloses the actual amounts of allocation money in a trade, its a good chance this trade will be very beneficial down the road for FC Dallas because of this extra cash. You don't just get chump change when trading an All-Star-type player like Pearce. 

To outsiders the club appears to be regressing with their moves this offseason. They got practically nothing in return for their losses so far up until today (if you can view allocation money in a glass half-full kind of way). I will say the loss of Dario Sala was nicely smoothed over by the pickup of Chris Seitz

When the club left Dax McCarty and Atiba Harris out in the open for the expansion draft, we kind of knew those two were going to be taken. In a way those were salary dumps in my mind, along with the fact that McCarty wasn't a true Schellas Hyndman guy. Then with the Re-Entry Draft the club lost Jeff Cunningham (and Dario Sala), they got nothing in return and those were salary dumps as well. 

Today's move that sent Pearce to Chivas USA for allocation was yet another salary dump and in similar fashion another move that shows if you aren't on the same page as Hyndman, he will be quick to show you the door. Hyndman and Pearce butted heads a bit back during the playoffs and at the MLS Cup. Pearce injured himself in the most important playoff crunch time by doing extra work.

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My gut feeling is that this allocation money is more to help Dallas sign a couple players right away. Bruno Martins and possibly Maykel Galindo are two players currently on trial with the club that could be signed. I'd imagine signing Martins could take more allocation than Galindo, so that could have been a motivational factor in this trade today. 

If that isn't the case, I do know Hyndman had been wanting to get a European striker (or a striker currently in Europe). Obviously strikers aren't cheap and this could be a "get some money for later" kind of move out of Hyndman and the front office.  

Barry Goreman, the club's technical director, said that this move was all about gaining some flexibility too. The club obviously sees guys like Jackson, Zak Loyd, possibly even Andrew Weideman or rookie Bobby Warshaw as the future for their defensive wings. It's a bold move but Hyndman has been bold about making over the last couple years. In a way Dallas does have a luxury of trading a pricer defender like Pearce in hopes that a cheaper, younger, and possibly more versatile player like Loyd or Weideman pans out this season. 

This wasn't a sexy move by any stretch but it does set the club up down the road to make a nice move or two. We'll know either right away if this works out in the club's favor at during the summer transfer window. Designated Player anyone?