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FC Dallas Roster Crunch: Two Waived, What's Next?

Brayan Martinez failed to impress as he was cut earlier in the day. (Photo via FC Dallas)
Brayan Martinez failed to impress as he was cut earlier in the day. (Photo via FC Dallas)

As we mentioned earlier in the day, two players were waived by the club. Supplemental draft pick Brayan Martinez and trialist Sheldon Palmer failed to make the cut after a weekend that saw FC Dallas lose to the Houston Dynamo 4-0 in Corpus Christi, TX. 

The preseason roster is trimmed by two but with the addition of trialist Bruno Martins, there is little reason to think why Martinez failed to make the cut. As Daniel pointed out last week, Martins could fill the hole left by Dax McCarty. Martinez looked decent in preseason camp but in the end he was just another supplemental draft pick that didn't pan out before the season started. No biggie really.

As for Palmer, he really failed to impress anyone while on trial here in Dallas. From the reports I've read, the people I've spoken to and the tiny bit of the Houston game that I saw online Saturday showed me he wasn't going to cut it.

(Keep reading for more on the roster and short reactions to the Houston game)

Houston friendly thoughts

To me the Dynamo friendly wasn't a total shocker. I'll admit I didn't get to see all of the game online but what I did see what a team that looked like they had very little training so far in the preseason. I hate making excuses for any team but Dallas clearly looked like a club that had been only training together for a few days while Houston looked like they had been going at it for a couple weeks now. It was a big difference in how both clubs played. 

The defense was rather outmatched but then again the defense was made up of mostly newcomers on Saturday for the majority of the game. I did think that Andrew Wiedeman looked very good in the back on the wings for the club. His pace out of the back was a nice lift for the club in the second half. 

The week ahead

With two scrimmages on the menu this week, we'll likely see the roster trimmed even more. And with the weather finally turning in Dallas's favor, the club will should be outdoors all week for training. 

One bright spot is going to be seeing both George John and Daniel Hernandez getting back into training. Both were said be to back with the club this morning by the team. That is wonderful news as the club takes a different look and feel with those two on the pitch (same goes for when Ugo Ihemelu and Heath Pearce are out there).

Campers with lots to prove

After Saturday's loss this will certainly be a huge week for rookies Paul Ogunyemi, Alexis Pradie, Charlie Campbell, and Scott Gordon. The club has two scrimmages against college teams that are out of season right now set for this week. Anything less than a 100% from them will likely mean we'll see some more names on the cut list. It will have to happen sooner or later when you consider the lack of spots the club really has left open right now.

Pradie has a lot to prove really given the fact he went the full 90 on Saturday and caused an own-goal. He did see the likes of the Houston first team in the first half which gave him a real taste of MLS action for the first time. If anything there is nowhere else to go but up for him from here. He did settle down a decent bit in the second half against Houston. He still has to show that he is worth the risk of using an international roster spot on too. After Saturday I'd say the risk could be too big of one to take.

My gut feeling is the club will trim the roster by a name or two before heading to Disney World over the weekend. 

Crowded Midfield

With Martins, Villar, Eric Avila, Eric Alexander, Martin Chavez, Brek Shea, and David Ferreira all on board at the moment (though Martins hasn't been signed yet but I think he will), the midfield continues to get a little more crowded by the day. I'm not even including the Home Grown players or the rest of the rookies left in camp here.

Let me just say competition is a good thing and I'm glad we're seeing it with Dallas. With finding a McCarty and Atiba Harris replacements the club has options. Its just a matter of time before those options step up and take the positions as their own. 

Who's Scoring?

Ok, a scoreless opener in the preseason isn't a great thing but I'll chalk it up to the lack of training for this club early on. With three strikers getting limited time on Saturday it was hard to really establish any sort of rhythm. I still believe before long this season the club will be letting Ruben Luna loose to show his stuff. He won't go out and score ten goals right away this season but I think getting five to seven goals is realistic for the youngster. But who steps up before then could be the real question.