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News and Notes: Feb 1

With training canceled today I thought I may as well catch up on some FCD/MLS related reading. Here are some stories out there worth mentioning on this frosty Dallas Tuesday.

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Red Bull Arena to host 2011 All-Star Game | Major League Soccer

Ho-hum. So this "major" announcement for today was really about the All-Star game being at Red Bull Arena this year. I always wonder when Dallas will get it's turn with Pizza Hut Park hosting an All-Star game. I suppose with new teams and new venues popping up all over we're still a few years out from hosting the mid-summer waste event.

Bobby Rhine: What preseason is really like | FC Dallas

For those itching for some bit of insight into the preseason, Bobby Rhine does his best to shed a little light on what players go through in the early months of the year.

FCD Academy enjoying huge youth movement | Major League Soccer

Travis Clark's latest youth piece on takes us to our very own academy. I've mentioned recently how others are taking note, looks like that number is continuing to climb. No matter which way you spin it FC Dallas continues to lead the youth movement charge.

Zach Loyd reminds us that premature specialization in youth soccer is unwise - Daily Soccer Fix

Steve Davis's latest piece over on the Daily Soccer Fix talks about defender Zach Loyd. I couldn't agree more with Steve on the note that parents shouldn't make their kids specialize in one particular sport. Loyd was the type that played all kinds of sports in high school and was truly better for it. Speaking from personal experience, playing more than one sport does open up more doors down the road for kids. Spot on Steve, spot on.

ECC Wolverines: Sheldon Palmer

Need some info on current FCD trialist Sheldon Palmer? Look no further. Am I expecting this guy to pan out for the club? Not really but you honestly never know until camp starts what the team is truly looking for out of these guys on trial.

Matt Jordan moves into Impact's front office | Major League Soccer

One final story, this one about former Dallas Burn keeper Matt Jordan and his move into the Montreal Impact's front office. Jordan was always sort of a favorite keeper of mine back in the day so I'm happy to see him still doing well even though he isn't playing anymore.