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FC Dallas News Update 12/30

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Pretty much nothing going on directly related to FCD in the last few days, but there's some stuff a few days old as well as some things that could potentially be FCD related.

Fidencio Enriquez spoke with Marvin Chavez about his move to San Jose

"Yeah, it was totally unexpected," he said, "but that’s the way things are in soccer. You have to be prepared for anything. I was doing things well [in Dallas], had a lot of great friends on the club, good teammates, a good coach, but that’s the way things go. The important thing now is to relax and then come back ready to play for San Jose."

Zach Loyd is pumped for another chance to show Jurgen what he can do for the national team and he says the FCD system will help him with that.

"At Dallas, we kind of play that attacking style out of our right and left backs, so that has prepared me fairly well to get up and down the field when I see my opportunities to get forward," said Loyd. "I think I could fit in the system, but I haven’t been there long enough to really know exactly how Jurgen’s system works."

Jonah Freedman has five wild MLS hot stove predictions for the upcoming season and he drops two CONCACAF forward names as possible signings.

As it’s not their style, I’d be surprised if Dallas spend big – but I’d be shocked if they don’t spend. Knowing Hyndman’s love of Latin players, it would make sense if he goes with a bigger name for a striker and saves some cash for another forward or some midfield depth.

CONCACAF difference-makers like Jerry Bengtson (at right) or Blas Pérez make a lot of sense here, if the price is right. Either player would be a good fit in Big D.

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Over in the Eastern Conference, Soccer By Ives has a recap of what has gone on with each team so far. It's good to keep up with the rest of the league you know...

Another offseason, another roster purge by the Crew. Granted, this season's edition is hardly as drastic as last year's, but Designated Player (and the team's leading goal scorer) Andres Mendoza is gone, as is MLS all-time leading goal scorer Jeff Cunningham. Robbie Rogers could very well be the next big name to bolt Crew Stadium, as he is out of contract and has been rumored to be making a move overseas.

All signs are pointing to Thierry Henry returning to Arsenal for a two month loan deal. You wonder how this affects his appearance in Frisco for the MLS season opener.

It is believed Henry could make his debut against Leeds later this month, but Wenger admits he still hopes to have Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh available before they depart for the African Cup of Nations.

We know Panamanian forward Blas Perez could be a guy FCD is targeting, but could they be looking at a German international forward who says he is coming to MLS?

Ghana born former Germany international Gerald Asamoah says he will be playing his club football in America next year after spending his entire career in the Bundesliga.

Finally check out this brilliant early 90's photo of the '94 national team taken in a local stadium