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FC Dallas News Update 12/19

We've got a chocked full news update today. Lots of great stuff from around the web. We'll start off with an article I linked to yesterday written by Jesus Padilla.

It's in Spanish so you'll need the Google translators but it's very interesting comparing FC Dallas with recent Mexican champions Tigres. I think this article highlights a bunch of the reasons why FCD simply isn't popular among the Hispanic community. Sure, there is the location, but the bigger problems are that there is no media or interesting discussions about the team to get the fans riled up as well as a lack of big name Hispanic players. It's a very interesting look at thing from a very popular name among the Spanish language media in DFW (Paraphrased)

One of the reasons why Tigres has so many fans is the way that the media in Monterrey move the masses with controversial radio and television programs, something that does not happen in Dallas, where there is not a station with a speaker like Roberto Hernandez Jr. that motivates and grieved Tigres fans

Some of you have discussed it in the comments section, FC Dallas has released part 1 of a Q&A with President & CEO Doug Quinn. Definitely worth reading. What’s the latest on David Ferreira?

Doug Quinn : We see David every day. He’s down in the weight room with the trainers first thing in the morning, working to get stronger. We can’t wait to see him back on the field this season, but I’m sure as excited as we are, he’s even more anxious to lace up his boots and rejoin the team when they return for preseason.

Keep reading for lots more

Down in San Jose, they're very excited about their new signing Chavez

“He gets the ball very quick and he’s very crafty, off the ball as well as dribbling with it,” Yallop said of Chávez. “It’s not often you get that. There’s probably a handful of guys [in MLS] that can break a game open by himself with the dribble or with his pace, and he’s on that list.”

Back in Dallas, Todd Date has some thoughts on the Chavez trade

Many expected that when Benitez was extended, doing the same with Chavez was all but assured, Yet there was no extension forthcoming for the Honduran-born midfielder. Hyndman is never afraid to put on his mad scientist lab coat and do some tinkering if he saw something he didn’t like. Maybe he did and it’s now clear he felt trading Chavez would be one way he could make this club better.

Grant Wahl released an interesting concept with his MLS team ambition rankings. He has FC Dallas at 13th overall which is probably about right, though I disagree with the reasoning.

First, the good: the Hunt Sports Group built one of the first soccer-specific stadiums in Pizza Hut Park. FC Dallas has also improved on the field in recent years, and its youth development program has been one of the league's most successful. The team has also dipped its toe into the DP waters for David Ferreira and Fabián Castillo. Now the bad: The stadium was built way too far outside the city of Dallas, causing the team to have no major league buzz, and the Hunt family is clearly on the conservative side of MLS owners. checked in with Brek Shea on his time at English giants Arsenal You go in the locker room on the first day and see players like Mikel Arteta, Andriy Arshavin, Yossi Benayoun, Robin Van Persie ... Were you nervous?
BS: “I guess you could say I was nervous. I was also really excited. You don’t really know anybody but you know of them, so it’s kind of cool to see those guys and start training and chatting with them, learning their personalities. And then actually on the field, you get to see that.”

Kyle McCarthy surveys the scene in the Western Conference for his weekly Monday MLS Breakdown.

Shopping list: Expect FCD to splash some of the allocation dough it acquired in the Chavez deal on a striker to lead the line in 2012. A suitable reserve to back up the new number nine looks like a compulsory addition as well even with Ruben Luna's development over the past year or two. FCD must also do whatever required to ward off potential suitors for David Ferreira and George John to maintain its current place among the Western Conference elite.

FC Dallas players made an appearance in the kid-themed Slant Newsletter this month with Bobby Warshaw, Daniel Hernandez and Andrew Jacobson telling us all why service is important.

And finally we know two more Dallas Cup teams as co-champions Tigres and Eintracht Frankfurt will return to the Super Group in 2012. Great to have both the perennial powerhouses back. Stay tuned for three huge teams being announced this week.